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Board of education addresses recent high school vandalism

Kenneth Palmer, Reporter
September 23
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On Monday, Sept. 22, the Lawrence Public Schools’ Board of Education commented on the racially-inspired vandalism that occurred as a result of the rivalry between Lawrence Free State High School and Lawrence High School in recent weeks. Board President Shannon Kimball brought the topic to the floor. “I... Read more »


Kaitlyn Foster, Business Editor
September 3
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[View the story "Isla Vista shooting spree inspires feminist movement" on Storify]... Read more »

Remodeled, expanded library opens to public

Remodeled, expanded library opens to public

kaitlyn foster, business editor
September 2
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On Nov. 2, 2010 Lawrence voters approved an $18 million bond to renovate and expand the Lawrence Public Library as well as build a new parking garage. About two years later, the library moved to a vacant Borders as a temporary space. Throughout the construction process, library staff provided updates... Read more »

Callie Hicks lives with host family to pursue competitive sports

becca moran, reporter
May 12
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When did you start doing gymnastics? I started doing gymnastics when I was about eight years old. I started out doing power tumbling in Emporia, and from there I went to G-Force in Lawrence. Then I started getting into artistic gymnastics when I was eleven.   What is the difference between artistic and regular g... Read more »

Math teacher Allison Jech to teach in Alaska

Maria Carrasco, Print Managing Editor
May 8
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Q:Why are you leaving? A: I am leaving so I can go teach Native American Eskimos in Alaska.   Q:Are you excited? A: I am excited. I am going to be living in rural Alaska. The only way in and out is on a single engine bush plane, and there are no roads in my village. There are only like 420 p... Read more »

Simple solutions to finding the perfect graduation gift

hannah moran, reporter
April 21
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Underclassmen, we'd love you all to show up at our graduation parties, making us feel popular and loved. But you know what we'd love even more? A stellar gift! Here are some very solid gift ideas, ranging from $0-$20ish $0 A lovely collage. Try, your friend’s face photoshopped on his or her... Read more »

Senior Farewell–Teacher edition

Senior Farewell–Teacher edition

gavin spence, Reporter
April 14
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One teacher in particular that stands out as one of my favorites is none other than Scott Smith. From the beginning of my Free State career I remember him helping lead the Link crew games, in which two strangers have to hug a balloon till it pops. After that one-of-a-kind experience, I took all of Mr. S... Read more »

Free State faces crosstown rival LHS; unites for common cause

ryan liston, co-online editor in chief
March 1
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Scoring 12 unanswered points to start off the game, the Free State girls basketball team beat cross-town rival Lawrence High School 60-51 Friday, Feb. 28. The Firebirds led by around 10 points most of regulation. At halftime, the Firebirds were up 26-16 and continued to run the court during the seco... Read more »

Nelson Mandela: A Mentor and Leader

Nelson Mandela: A Mentor and Leader

catherine prestoy, reporter
February 4
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Feb. 11, 1990, Kelly Barah glued his eyes to the television, along with various other friends and family members, to watch Nelson Mandela’s first public speech as free man after 27 years in prison as Barah heard mother began to cry. Barah lived in Africa during Mandela’s anti-apartheid movements, a t... Read more »

What happens to high students

What happens to high students

becca moran
November 12
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For some, coming to school high is an unimaginable taboo. For others, it is a regular occurrence.   Red eyes, lethargy and apathy are just a few indicators teachers use to determine whether or not a student is on any drug.   “I can tell usually by looking at their pupils and noticing behavi... Read more »

Lessons from Luvuyo

hannah moran, editor-in-chief
October 29
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“Apartheid” means “to keep apart.” For decades, South Africa’s dominating politcal party enforced this policy of racial segregation, a policy equivalent to American slavery in the early 1800s. But one man spoke out against the repressive government, and in turn, spent over two decades in... Read more »

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