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Debate coach gives away older trophies

Debate coach gives away older trophies

Kyra Haas, Online Co-Editor in Chief
October 17
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On Oct. 16, a debate participant tweeted, “Want a free trophy? Stop by the debate room today after school.” The tweet featured a photo of a cart full of debate and forensics plaques, trophies and various awards predating 2011. After 3:05 p.m.,  debate students could go into the debate room and cho... Read more »

Mr. E the Motivator

Mr. E the Motivator

rosemary newsome, copy editor
October 15
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During Late Arrival on Thursday, Oct. 10, Mr. E the Motivator, an engagement specialist for students, parents, and teachers, came and spoke to Free State. Sponsored by Free State’s Can We Talk club and Renaissance committee, Mr. E’s presentation aimed to encourage students to perform their best in... Read more »

Students volunteer at Lawrence Memorial Hospital

kyra haas, co online editor in chief
October 4
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Even though he’s volunteered at Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH) for four years, senior Bryce Ridgway still doesn’t enjoy transporting warm, bloody placentas from room to room. “It’s in a container,” Ridgway said, “but it’s still warm and everything, so that’s kinda gross.” Bryce R... Read more »

Four students turn down Homecoming nominations

hala hamid, reporter
September 24
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Being a part of Homecoming court can be an exciting event in one’s high school career, but for three seniors, walking onto the football field during the Homecoming game to find out who is going to be crowned Homecoming king and queen is something that does not appeal to them. “I was kind of indifferent about... Read more »

Students have differing summer health

becca moran, reporter
September 23
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For some, summer break is just that-- a break from the stress and pressure that goes along with school, sports, and responsibility.  For others, summer is a time to devote even more time and effort to their health and sports.   Varsity basketball and football senior Khadre Lane kept in shape by ... Read more »

Horizon Award Presented to Rachel Downs

catherine prestoy, reporter
September 19
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After school on Tuesday, Sept. 3, Free State staff members sat at tables in the library, puzzled as to why a brief, general email from principal Ed West requested their attendance. Until the meeting began, the staff was not aware that someone among them was about to receive the Kansas Cable Telecommunications Ho... Read more »


ciara sayler, reporter
September 4
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Opening just under a year ago, Italian restaurant Intorno is one place I will go back to time after time. Located on the corner of 8th St. and Massachusetts Street, Intorno has quite possibly the perfect view of downtown, whether sitting inside or out. With an executive design, the restaurant immediately ... Read more »

ACT Scores

maria carrasco, social media editor
August 27
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Lawrence ACT scores continue to exceed the national average. USD 497 ACT SCORES | Infographics... Read more »

Headlines of Summer

kyra haas, online co-editor-in-chief
August 22
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An abundance of big news headlines swarmed throughout the media the past few months. Click on an event below to see a link to a story with more information on the specific summertime event. Summer Timeline Headlines of Summer on Dipity. ... Read more »

AP Test Scores

kyra haas, online co-managing editor
August 7
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AP Test Scores | Infographics... Read more »

Supreme Court Rules On Two Same-Sex Marriage Cases

ryan liston, co-online editor in chief
June 26
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Today the Supreme Court ruled on two cases regarding same-sex marriage, which strengthened the gay rights movement and provided benefits for same-sex couples. Firstly, the Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA, was challenged and ruled partially unconstitutional. As a result, married same-sex couples will... Read more »

Solomon Cottrell

riley buller, designer
May 14
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Sophomore Solomon Cottrell spends his days thinking deeper than the average high school student. Between Philosophy Club, forensics and debate, his mind exercises daily like it is training for a marathon. This constant brain work has helped to ensure that his forensic endeavors are not in vain. “I’m th... Read more »

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