Free Press

2017-2018 Staff

Jackson Barton

Online Editor in Chief

Hello! This will be my second and final year as Editor in Chief for the Free Press Online. Even though I’m an editor, my heart is still focused on reporting, and I hope I can continue to write stories in my college and profe...

Chris Pendry

Online Editor in Chief

I’m Chris Pendry, the co-editor-in-chief for the Free Press online. I was a reporter last year and hope to tell stories important to progress and to the students. On top of duties in journalism, I'm the co-president of Thespia...

Juna Murao

Print Editor in Chief

I’m Juna Murao, I’ll be a senior this year. I’m going to be the new co-editor and chief of the newspaper. My job is to come up with ideas for each issue and help oversee all aspects of the newspaper. I’ve been on staff...

Maya Hodison

Print Editor in Chief

Sup, my name is Maya Hodison. I am a senior and a co-editor in chief for the print newspaper. I’ve played soccer since I was 5 years old and I love the sport. I have been involved in the FS girls soccer program and our amazing ...

Ali Dodd

Yearbook Editor in Chief

I am Ali Dodd. I'm a senior who has been on staff for three years. I am the co-editor in chief of the yearbook publication. I have been recognized in monthly and State photography contests. I play on the varsity tennis team and ...

Lacey Windholz

Yearbook Editor in Chief

Hello! My name is Lacey Windholz and I am one of the two Editors in Chief of the 2018 Talon yearbook. I am excited to be able to create a book this year, along with my fellow staff members, that can be enjoyed for years to com...

Elise Gard

Online Design Editor

This year, I’m a senior and the online design editor for Free State Journalism. This is my second year on staff. In my free time, I work in the West Middle School garden and listen to music. [email protected]

Goldie Schmiedeler

Print Design Editor

While completing my last year at free state, I am currently working as design editor for the Free Press. As a virgo, I enjoy graphic design because It combines my need to organize with my interest in art. I create art through mi...

Elizabeth Mullins

Yearbook Design Editor

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Mullins and I am the Design Editor for the Talon yearbook. I had loads of fun last year on staff and can't wait for this year to get underway. When I'm not working on journalism; however, I enjoy reading, going...

Carly Oliver

Business Editor

I am Carly Oliver, business editor of the Free State journalism publications. I joined journalism my junior year, not knowing what I really wanted to do, but found my little niche in the business department. I’ve spent my pas...

Erin Liston

Print Copy Editor

My name is Erin Liston, I am the copy editor for the Free Press and the online publication. On staff I edit and write stories. I am a junior, I run cross country and track and i'm in band and I'm freakin awesome. erinl.frees...

Anna-Maya Hachmeister

Social Media Editor

I am a senior this year and ready to not ever come to class. This is my third year on staff. I am a current co-president of FCCLA and I participate in Track and Field. When I grow up I want to be a pirate and my favorite color ...

Will Cook

Sports Editor

There is not much to say about myself. I will be the sports editor for all the publications for the 2017-2018 school year. I love sports and am super pumped to have this opportunity. [email protected]

Mackenzie Bickling

Print Photo Editor

    This year (my senior year) I will be the Photography Editor of the newspaper. I joined staff last year as a designer because basically all my friends were joining. I had no other motive to join at the time except to f...

Emma Johnson

Yearbook Photo Editor

I am a photo editor for the yearbook and this is my second year on staff. I am also involved in tennis and like to take pictures in my free time outside of school. [email protected]

Paige Kirkpatrick

Yearbook Photo Editor

I’m Paige, a senior, and I am a photographer for the Free Press. I upload videos to YouTube in my spare time and also play soccer with my parents. I have only been on staff since 2nd semester last year and have been on one...

Kaya Shafer

Managing Editor, Reporter

Hello my name is Kaya. I’ve been on yearbook staff since my freshman year and it’s kind of the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m also in FCCLA. I also take Spanish class and want to spend time living in Spain. ...

Kameren Prather

Multimedia Editor

My name is Kameren Prather and I am the Multimedia Editor. Video making is something that I am very passionate about and I hope to become a filmmaker. I’m also very musically talented, I am in choir, was in band, and can sor...

Katie Diaz


The names Katie Diaz. Aquarius. I like to watch a lot of tv. Also I’ll be on multimedia this year! [email protected]

Ahmed Jakmouj


My name is Ahmed Jakmouj. I'm an Eagle Scout, sports enthusiast, a nature lover, and I enjoy to travel. I've lived in Lawrence, KS all my life. I am an alumni of Deerfield Elementary School and West Middle School. I graduate ...

Sabrina Castle


Hi there, I’m Sabrina Castle and I’m super excited to be on yearbook staff this year! I would describe myself as a very loud, outgoing person. I love to laugh and have a good time, especially with my friends. I love animals...

Sam Mohanty


I'm Sam Mohanty! I'm from India and yes, I speak fairly fluent English because most people there do. I aspire to be a journalist one day so that I can help the people in my community in my own small way. I really like traveling...

Evan Cornell

Designer, Sports Writer

Hello, I am Evan Cornell (a senior) and this is my first year on staff, as a designer.  However, I do have some journalism experience, as I was a member of the yearbook staff in middle school.  At Free State, I am currently...

Will Davis

Sports Reporter

Growing up I was always interested in sports. I remember getting home from elementary school and immediately checking scores and standings on the internet. I wasn’t just interested in sports though, I also played. A lot. I still p...

Jax Egan

Sports Reporter

This is my first year officially on staff, but I did some sports writing for Journalism during 2nd semester last year. I also attended the Flint Hills Prairie Workshop along with two other sportswriters. At Free State, I am also involved with the b...

Hayden Robinson

Sports Reporter

This is my first year on staff and I am debuting as a sports reporter. Being a sports reporter is an excellent way for me to express my passion for all sports and the journalism behind it. I am also a member of the soccer tea...

Brooks Hartsock


My name is Brooks Hartsock and i will be a junior for the 2017-2018 school year. My academic interests are math, science, and art. I enjoy many types of art: graphic design, digital design, photography, and music. I play flute in the ...

Greta Hayden


This will be my first full year on staff as a designer. I participate in the school’s FYI Club. I enjoy sketching and making art with traditional media. More recently, I've been experimenting with digital design. I love to read...

Erin Fagan


I’m Erin Fagan, and I’m a designer for the Free State journalism staff. Part of why I wanted to be on staff was to learn more about the role of graphic designers; in the future I think I want to work with package design like...

Adam El-Hamoudeh


My name is Adam El-Hamoudeh, I am a senior and this is my first year in journalism as a designer. I am the treasurer of Key Club. Outside of school I like to draw, read, and film and edit short films [email protected]

Emma Milburn


This is my first year on staff, and I am a designer. I am a sophomore, and I play volleyball and softball. [email protected]

Caitlin McAndrew-Beckman


My name is Caitlin McAndrew-Beckman and this will be my 2nd year on staff, and 3rd year at Free State High School. On staff I am a designer for both the paper and yearbook. Outside of Journalism I am a member of the Cross Coun...

Rylee Roberts

Photo Editor

I am senior and this will be my second year on journalism. My rolls on staff are co-photo editor and photographer. My goal is to gain experience to become a freelance photographer after high school. [email protected]

Brisa Salas-Pfaff


Hi my name is Brisa Salas-Pfaff, I am a junior and also photographer for the Free State Journalism class. I started at Free State the last month of school of my sophomore year and didn't get involved much due to new surroundings...

Emma Pravecek


I am Emma Pravecek, a first-year photographer on the Free State Journalism staff. My passion for photography, especially sports-action, has brought this opportunity and I hope to learn more about photography in the journalism p...

Grace Mechler


My name is Grace Mechler and I'm going to be a sophomore. In my free time I enjoy reading, exercising, and taking photos. I was on yearbook in middle school and I really enjoyed Photography 1 freshman year. I am so excited to...

Zakari Howard


In my free time, I like to study astronomy and physics, I absolutely love learning new things and adore astronomy and I hope to become an astrophysicist. I love hanging out with my friends and going for walks by the lake or downto...

Katy Coats


What’s good? I’m Katy, and I am a photographer. I like puppies and chocolate, but not people. My favorite color is either pastel pink or anything else pastel really. I’m a Libra. I also really want to be a photographer for...

Leah Matthews


This is my first year being a part of journalism and I am on staff as a photographer. I love taking pictures and videos to document various people and places. Photography, along with other art- related activities, is one of m...

Nick Burket


I was born in Lawrence, Kansas. I am apart of the Ultimate Frisbee and Swim and Dive Team at Free State. I love listening to music and I am also apart of the Free State Marching band. One of my hobbies is doing Martial Arts. ...

Naomi Soderling


I am a photographer for the Free Press. In addition to journalism, I have participated in swimming and a play. Outside of school I like to spend time with my dogs, make art and hang out with friends and family. naomis.freestate...

Madison Goeser


My name is Madison Goeser and I am going to be a sophomore at Free State next year. I am a twin who enjoys photography, theater, writing, and traveling. When I am not acting in a play, I am involved in KEY Club, FCS, FYI Club,...

Emma Harris


Hello my name is Emma Harris, and I am a new photographer for the journalism staff. I wanted to become a photographer for the journalism staff because I wanted to get more involved at Free State, and to broaden my skills as a...

Quincy Gilliland

Student Information Clerk

My name is Quincy Gilliland and I am a sophomore here at Free State high school. This is my first year on journalism staff. I am involved in cheerleading, soccer, link crew, hype club, four square club, and hammocking club. My...

Joachim Case

Student Information Clerk

I like long walks by the beach, drinking strawberry frappuccinos, and watching sunsets after some hiking. Making and selling ads is pretty fun. That's what I do. In my free time I'm an exclusive SoundCloud rapper, don't look...

Abby Stancliffe

Student Information Clerk

My name is Abby Stancliffe. I am a 10th grader here at Free State and joined journalism this year. I am involved in many other things throughout the school as well; such as cheer, soccer, hammocking club, link crew, hype club,...

Ruby Logan

Student Information Clerk

I'm Ruby and I am the student information clerk for the Free State Journalism Staff. I joined journalism to be a part of a community where I can learn collaboratively about journalism as a profession, but also create friendships...

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