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Bound to

Bound to

February 24, 2014

Do Teachers use Technology?

Evan Frook, Reporter

February 17, 2014

Later this semester, teachers will receive some type of mobile device, be it laptop, tablet, or otherwise. Given that some teachers still struggle with using their SMART Boards, there’s some concern surrounding teachers’ abili...

Technical Overload

Technical Overload

January 31, 2013

Setting Down My Phone

Setting Down My Phone

January 10, 2013

New Technology Taking Over

kimberly messineo, reporter

October 20, 2011

From typewriters to computers, tape players to iTunes and postage mail to instant messages, the world has made many advancements in technology. Even in a school community, the technology advancements are obvious. Just a few ye...

Technology Takeover

amani safadi

October 15, 2010

When students dive onto the computer they usually know what they want to do. Usually it’s entertainment, but more and more teachers are starting to ask their students to sign on for school. Although many students alre...

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