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Bound to

Bound to

February 24, 2014

Do Teachers use Technology?

Evan Frook, Reporter

February 17, 2014

Later this semester, teachers will receive some type of mobile device, be it laptop, tablet, or otherwise. Given that some teachers still struggle with using their SMART Boards, there’s some concern surrounding teachers’ abili...


Technical Overload

January 31, 2013

Week Without Technology: Rosemary–Day 5

rosemary newsome, reporter

January 18, 2013

One thing I've learned for certain from this week without technology: I was not meant for this technological-dependent generation. Sure, I didn't give up my vehicle or the microwave or running water, things I would call necessities,...

Week Without Technology: Rosemary Newsome–Day 1

rosemary newsome, reporter

January 14, 2013

And you think your Monday was bad? Cheers to myself for kicking off a week without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TV(besides The Bachelor, no way I was missing episode 2), Pinterest, Pandora, Video/Computer games, Youtube, Ipod...

photo credit to phil roeder

Setting Down My Phone

January 10, 2013

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