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Robotics Club finds success in first year of operation

Robotics Club finds success in first year of operation

gavin spence, reporter April 20, 2014

The crowds are uncontrollable as they prepare to watch robots, created by high schoolers from around the country, hash it out in the ring at the First Kansas City Regional competition. The victorious...

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Controversial Music

maria carrasco, social media editor October 19, 2013

BLURRED LINES  Lately in pop culture, there seems to be an increase in controversy about drug related innuendos and sexual references, but it has taken a leap for the worse. One of the most popular...

Jo Ball

logan brown, reporter May 21, 2013

According to Jo Ball, a great speaker “is someone who can communicate with the audience and adapt to the audience ”. According to Parker Hopkins, the way to become a great speaker is Ms. Ball. Hopkins...

Dante Colombo/Teanna Totten

catherine prestoy, reporter May 14, 2013

The day begins as students file into Room 115 for their first hour yearbook class. Chatter bounces around the room like a dodgeball while the voices of Carrie Underwood and Justin Timberlake buzz in the...

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Brady Clements

hannah reussner, reporter May 14, 2013

Being goofy and outgoing doesn't always mean being popular. In fact, senior Brady Clements believes popularity isn’t everything. “I guess I don’t really care [about being popular] so that helps...

On My Honor

On My Honor

gavin spence, reporter April 19, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America was created in 1910 and since then 110 million young men and adults have joined the ranks. But missing from the ranks are all the homosexual males who wanted to join. A meeting...

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@FSGrowUp: How Anonymous Accounts Are Harming Students

sam boatright, co-editor-in-chief April 9, 2013

Many students seem to be under the impression that, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, just say it anonymously on Twitter.” So, this is where we’re headed. Hiding behind more...

Check Yourself Before You Rec Yourself

Check Yourself Before You Rec Yourself

kyra haas, reporter April 1, 2013

Due to the scarcity of recreational facilities in Lawrence, many student athletes find themselves driving further than they would like to get to practice during the off season   Junior Andrea Stewart,...

Kimberlys March Madness Blog

Kimberly’s March Madness Blog

kimberly messineo, reporter March 28, 2013

Success is sweet, and the Sweet 16 is set to begin in just a few hours. This year’s tournament has definitely been the madness that everyone expects with March Madness. If someone were to tell me that...

The Best Meals Ive Ever Had

The Best Meals I’ve Ever Had

sam boatright, co-editor-in-chief March 28, 2013

The best meals should be epiphanies, revelations of flavors upon your taste buds that mold memories and establish favorite dishes. The best meals leave you craving for more. The best meals are marvels....

Barahs Workouts

Barah’s Workouts

rosemary newsome, reporter March 28, 2013

If one happened to witness the 50-plus people shoveling the soccer field in preparation for the girls’ upcoming season, it would be evident that Free State soccer is more than just another sports program--it’s...

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Kimberly’s March Madness Blog

kimberly messineo, reporter March 21, 2013

The bracket for the 2013 NCAA tournament has been solidified. Kansas has regained their one seed with a win over Kansas State in the Big 12 Tournament. Other one seed teams are Louisville, Gonzaga and...

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