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Listening to his students, ceramics teacher Byran Lloyd helps them pick a color for their project. “Something that’s been very rewarding is hiring about students going into art education or knowing that students have a great sense of satisfaction from making with with clay,” Lloyd said.

FEATRUE: Farewell Lloyd

Nick Sprecker May 24, 2023

In schools throughout the country, teachers hold a significant, sometimes lifelong impact on their students. Whether that impact is positive or negative, teachers can help mold a student's attitude, self-esteem...

Senior Ben Williams and Keith Popiel are going to be working in the pool cleaning business once again this summer. After Popiel joined his familys pool cleaning business he invited Williams along the way.

FEATURE: Students Prepare for Summer Job

Emi Stone May 17, 2023

When nice weather comes out and pools open up, seniors Keith Popiel and Ben Williams come in. For the past four years, Popiel has been working for a family pool business and invited Williams along the...

Sophomore Jeremiah Jones works hard while mowing lawns to make money for the summer. “Mowing lawns is a great and easy summer job for high school students,” Jones said.

FEATURE: Cutting Edge Mowers

Maeve Nichols May 17, 2023

As summer is starting and classes are coming to an end, students are searching for ways to make some cash. For sophomore Spencer Wheat, mowing lawns has been a big part of his life for eight years now....

Armed with a multitude of water weapons, seniors begin the battle known as Water Warriors on Monday, April 3. This competition is a spring tradition among Free State seniors, with one winner claiming the ultimate prize of the collective entry fees and recognition of being the last warrior remaining.

FEATURE: Seniors Make a Splash

Maria Mosconi May 17, 2023

On April 3 at dawn, the 2023 Water Warriors began and the competing seniors were after their first targets. Water Warriors, though not affiliated with Free State, consists of the participating seniors...

Referencing the hit October 2020 miniseries, sophomore Gillian Sellet says that “The Queen’s Gambit” seems to have kicked off society’s newfound obsession with chess. Now, with students frequently using class time to play the game, many teachers have expressed frustration with the effects of the craze on their classrooms. “People use it as a form of competition and it can be good for hanging out with friends but it’s pretty disruptive during class time,” Sellet said.

FEATURE: The Chess Epidemic

Nick Sprecker, Sports Editor May 12, 2023

The game of chess has been around for over 1500 years and has remained popular throughout its duration; however, the game has recently experienced a tremendous surge in popularity. Short chess clips are...

Senior Caroline Börk smiles as she works on one of her art pieces on display at the Lawrence Arts Center. Börk began her art journey at a young age by taking classes at the Arts Center Preschool. “Funny enough, that is where the [previous] exhibition was, I both started and ended my Lawrence artist journey at the arts center,” Bork said.

FEATURE: Lawrence Schools Held Annual District Art Show at Lawrence Art Center

Evie Chancy May 12, 2023

Art teachers from across USD 497 curated the best works from their students to be displayed at the annual District Art Show on April 28 at the Lawrence Art Center.  When the art teachers began accumulating...

Picking up a box of juice, JustFood warehouse manager Wayne Briggs collects donations of leftover food from the cafeteria. Briggs picks up extra, unopened food from the kitchen twice a week. These donations, often at least 50 pounds, are taken to the pantry, where anyone can take food free of cost.

FEATURE: JustFood Receives Leftover Food Donations

Lilly Wall May 4, 2023

During April, 855 pounds of leftover lunch food from both public high schools were repurposed to feed the community through just one partnership. Starting in the fall of 2022, USD 497 looked locally to...

Many new opportunities have opened for students with the newly free city bus fare. The new price has made it possible for more people to get to school, social events or school activities.

FEATURE: Free Ride?

Conrad Hill May 1, 2023

On Aug. 16 2022, the Lawrence City Commision approved the Fare Free Pilot Program which includes free rides on all Lawrence transit services all throughout 2023. According to public transit and parking...

 On top of extracurriculars, work and activities, students are feeling overwhelmed by their academic demands. Junior Rachel Bruffett sometimes feels overworked when having to do loads of homework and study for upcoming tests. “I feel like during the week its just really fast paced and I only get to recover over the weekend, then do it all over again,” Bruffett said.

FEATURE: Turns out to be Burnout

Phoebe Morris April 28, 2023

According to a poll from @fsjournalism on instagram, 94% of Free State students have experienced academic burnout. Normally towards the final stretch of the year students want to leap into summer, but...

Junior Yael Gillath speaks about her project to fell students at the Women in STEM Showcase hosted at Free State on April 5, 2023.

FEATURE: Smarties in STEM

Maeve Nichols April 10, 2023

When co-presidents juniors Hannah Stone and Yael Gillath started the women in STEM club last year, their goal was to work together to get people to feel more comfortable in STEM. Through this, the women...

FEATURE: Test Optional Policies Spark Debate

FEATURE: Test Optional Policies Spark Debate

Lauren Tao April 7, 2023

Standardized tests have long been a required part of the college admissions process, with students spending months beforehand studying and even taking classes to help prepare. But now it seems that almost...

FEATURE: Carloss Cuts

FEATURE: Carlos’s Cuts

Tommy Taylor April 4, 2023

The school has many ways for students to pursue artistic expression, from ceramics to the Phoenix Collection, but there are students who express themselves outside of the classroom through different mediums.  Senior...

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