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The student-run news site of Lawrence Free State High School

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The student-run news site of Lawrence Free State High School

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Ms. McDonald retires after more than 20 years of teaching at Free State.

FEATURE: Decades of Dedication

Maura Langland, Reporter May 14, 2024

As the year comes to an end, math teacher Annette McDonald is preparing to retire after more than 20 years of teaching and coaching at Free State. Since McDonald was young, she knew that she wanted to...

In shock, senior Tehya Jacobs receives a hug from Lawrence High School senior Aubrie Magnuson after Jacobs is announced as Prom Royalty alongside senior Nolan Craig.

FEATURE: Elite Event

Delaney Bayliss, Reporter April 30, 2024

For many seniors, prom is the highlight of their high school years. It serves as a symbol of four years of friendship, memories and school spirit. Juniors interested in sharing the prom experience, however,...

Junior Anwen Williams working on debate.

FEATURE: Premier of Success

Emi Stone, Reporter April 26, 2024

Junior Anwen Williams recently received the highest award that can be received in speech and debate. In order to win the highest award, The Premier of Distinction, Williams must receive 1500+ points by...

FEATURE: Electrifying Women’s Soccer

FEATURE: Electrifying Women’s Soccer

Rakshan Ossen, Reporter April 17, 2024

On March 16, the Kansas City Current unveiled their latest soccer stadium, located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. The 117 million dollar project promised a picturesque stadium by the Kansas City...

Individual getting into their car in the Free State parking lot.

FEATURE: Protecting The Parking Lot

Maria Mosconi, News Planning Team April 17, 2024

For many students, earning a license means independence. However, with this newfound freedom come new responsibilities and liabilities, especially in the school parking lot. According to the National...

FEATURE: Avoiding Burnout in Athletics

FEATURE: Avoiding Burnout in Athletics

Jonah Frye, Reporter April 17, 2024

As hard as it is to avoid psychological burnout, it can be even harder for an athlete to understand their burnout. According to an article from the NCAA, the most proven way to come back from psychological...

Like many students, junior Amelia Wiles uses a variety of accessories in her car as an avenue of self-expression. Wiles said that many of the trinkets hold sentimental value and are daily visual reminders of family, friends and happy memories.

FEATURE: Students Reflect on Car Decorations

Isabella Bobey, Reporter April 15, 2024

For many students, their cars often become more than just modes of transportation, they also become canvases for self-expression. From bumper stickers to bobbleheads, the art of car decoration allows students...

Technology has been proven to affect students’ ability to learn by distracting or miseducating them. While some gain great benefits from technology, many use it to cheat and end up not learning anything.

FEATURE: Learning in the Screen Age

Lauren Jackson, Reporter April 10, 2024

Ever since cell phones have been commonly owned, teachers have faced the challenge of cell phones being a distraction to students inside the classroom and out. Teacher opinions differ on the major effects...

Digital Illustration by Kinsey Lake.

FEATURE: Compassion in Action

Meredith Shryock, Reporter April 1, 2024

For over 25 years, 100 Good Women has been supporting and building a strong community in Lawrence. Through the collective effort of its members, the non-profit has met the gap that other social services...

Archived photo by Chloe Cook

FEATURE: Kicking It Into Gear

Arianna Waller, Reporter April 1, 2024

Following the loss to Garden City in overtime last year, Girls Soccer is heading back into the game. The girls are focusing on their strength, resilience and leadership to bring a new look to the program.  Senior...

Placed off to the side of the commons, a fiddle-leaf fig resides to beautify the school.

FEATURE: Plants Beautify the School

Jonah Frye, Reporter April 1, 2024

What started as a way to create space in the greenhouse has become a source of beauty, collaboration and health throughout the halls. During first semester, students noticed plants starting to pop up around...

A student scrolls through Instagram while hiding their phone in a book. Many students employ similar tactics to get out of reading.

FEATURE: No One Reads Anymore

Meredith Shryock, Reporter April 1, 2024

There is an increasing concern in The Student Library Advisory Board about declines in reading among teenagers. According to a study done by the American Psychological Association, less than 20% of high...

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