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A sign telling people to join journalism

EDITORIAL: Join the Jerds

Allison Mayhew, News Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2024

Filling out the journalism application and then shakily answering interview questions led me to a new community I had no idea existed within the school.  The environment is different from any other...

OPINION: The Caitlin Clark Effect

OPINION: The Caitlin Clark Effect

Nick Sprecker, Sports Editor April 29, 2024

“I got kicked out of P.E. class because I was too competitive,” Clark told ESPN.  The Indiana Fever’s No. 1 overall pick, Caitlin Clark, was not an ordinary child. The day that her older brother...

REVIEW: The Tortured Poets Department

REVIEW: The Tortured Poets Department

Baila Love, Photographer April 26, 2024

Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department came out on April 19, contrasting from any album she’s released with the new direction she went in. Coming from a dedicated fan of Taylor Swift, this album...

Album covers from releases in March.

REVIEW: March Music Mania

Baila Love, Photographer April 22, 2024

Though not known for having many releases each year, March was a huge month for music. Despite the many A-List albums in March, there was a wide array of music released this month. One of the biggest...

Album cover of country-pop artist, Kacey Musgravess newest LP, Deeper Well.

REVIEW: Deeper Well by Kacey Musgraves

Mallory Thompson, News Photo Editor April 6, 2024

On March 15, Kacey Musgraves released her new album, Deeper Well, in which the country pop artist embraces a new facet of cottagecore, healing, and stripped back guitars. Musgraves has always been known...

Digital Illustration by Luna Hu

OPINION: Lunch Crunch

Lilly Wall, News Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2024

Dragging through a seven-hour school day is taxing on the mind and body, students work through test taking, writing notes or participating in class discussions for hours on end. For most students, lunch...

Illustration by Geneva Sabatini.

EDITORIAL: Age Cutoff for Political Office

Evie Chancy, Phoebe Morris, and Maria Mosconi March 29, 2024

When the new generation of voters make their way to the polls and step into the voting box, the few names printed onto their ballot will all be over half a century older than them.  Despite the average...

Illustration by Sarah Masterson

EDITORIAL: Lacking Sex Ed Program

Ember Klein, News Managing Editor March 4, 2024

In a poll by @FSJournalism on Instagram, 92% of students believe that the sexual education program at school is insufficient. This statistic is shockingly high due to the importance of comprehensive sex...

In 1861, Kansas was established as a Free State. Now the school carries the namesake, however many feel the history is left unrecognized. Photo illustration by Allison Mayhew and Gregory Mayhew.

OPINION: Is Free State Living up to its Name?

Maria Mosconi, News Planning Team February 29, 2024

Free State High School opened in 1997, approximately a century and a half after Kansas joined America as a “free state,” or a state where slavery was illegal. At the heart of this movement was Lawrence,...

The Bachelor Season 28 Aired February 12.

REVIEW: The Bachelor

Emi Stone, Reporter February 28, 2024

On Feb. 12, the first episode of The Bachelor Season 28, an infamous romance reality television show, aired. In the episode, the viewers got a little glimpse of every woman up for Joey Graziadei, our bachelor....

The franchise, Dirty Dough, made its opening on Nov 17. Off of Bob Billings, the business sits next to Subway. They offer many different flavors of warm, gooey cookies.

REVIEW: Dirty Dough

Maura Langland, Reporter February 26, 2024

Dirty Dough opened its Lawrence location on Nov. 17 2023, but the cookie shop first opened its doors in 2018 riding off the success of Crumbl Cookies. The menu has six classic cookies, and three that change...

OPINION: Back on the Ballot

OPINION: Back on the Ballot

Simon Williams, Online Managing Editor February 19, 2024

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court officially overturned Roe V. Wade, the historic benchmark case that protected abortion rights in the United States for nearly half a century.  Seven months before...

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