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The Sounds of Autumn

sam boatright, co-editor-in-chief

October 1, 2012

It’s amazing how much we, as students, cling onto the fanciful idea of an endless summer at the end of May.  However, by the time school begrudgingly rolls around in mid-August, we long for sleepytime teas, sweater weather and leaves that show off their carotene pigments. (I hope you are impresse...

New Nutritional Guidelines

photo by USDAgov

ryan liston, reporter

August 17, 2012

On Thursday August 16 a new policy will be enacted at Free State High School and other public schools around the United States. Lunches purchased from the school cafeteria must include food items from three of the five food groups. Portion sizes of foods such as pizza and deli sandwiches will be reduced,...

Gifts for Grads

Baskets of snack food, spa supplies and more are great for personalizing your senior's gift.

sarah whipple and hannah moran, design editor, copy editor

May 19, 2012

At this time of year, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in Facebook notifications. Three-hundred and fifty-eight seniors are graduating, which means it’s graduation party season. While there will most likely be free food and fun, you, as the underclassman guest, are obligated to provide a thou...

Lawrence Guide 5/22

hannah moran, copy editor

May 17, 2012

I am not a hipster. I do not wear thick, black, non-prescription glasses, my Converse are not covered in elaborate doodles, nor do I own a messenger bike or a side-satchel covered in obscure punk band buttons. But I know good music. And good food. And good movies. I like Florence+the Machine, high qu...

SAM Talks–Identity

SAM Talks--Identity

sam boatright, co-editor

May 17, 2012

*In my column, I will be examining and commenting on relevant and often controversial topics. Whether the topics have been recently wracking my brain or brought up by peers, you can bet that the words written here are important to you, the reader. Enjoy. ~Your new co-editor-in-chief The past year,...

Eastside Story

allison harwood and sam boatright

April 2, 2012

Allison's Take:   “All Western Kansas is, is a whole bunch of old war veterans sitting on their porches being racist and yelling about how things were ‘back in their day.’ And, I mean, everything west of Topeka really is Western Kansas.” There are only a few things that get...

File Sharing Needs to Exist

File Sharing Needs to Exist

ryan loecker, co-editor in chief

February 9, 2012

Let’s get this straight: this is not an article about SOPA. Within the past two months, three major file sharing websites (Megaupload, BTJunkie and FileSonic) either have been shut down or have ceased function in an attempt to prevent the illegal downloading of music. Although this may make it mor...

Keeping healthy in flu season

ciara sayler, reporter

January 20, 2012

With flu season finally here, many people are coming down with the horrible symptoms that are common this time of year. No matter what,  everyone is going to come in contact with some kind of germs. However, our school isn’t taking that extra step to keep  Free State healthy .     Out ...

Cost of College

Cost of College

amani safadi, emma machell, managing editor, social media editor

January 19, 2012

Senior year begins and for many students it’s the time to start wondering where to attend college, what they want to study and of course the infamous paying for it. “I’m hoping to get scholarships,” junior Dante Colombo said. “But if not I do have some ‘junk in the trunk and then I...

Time To Get Your Party On

abby ilardi, beg. journalism student

January 5, 2012

When we were little, the holidays were a time of magic. Daydreams of Santa, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf constantly ran through our heads. Now that we’re older, it’s harder to get excited about the holidays. However, there is a simple and fun way to spread a little holiday cheer. Holiday parties...

Before They Were Teachers

steven ozaki, beg. journalism student

January 5, 2012

Teachers. The people who give us endless homework and tests. But not all of them have always been dishing out grades. We have teachers that have traveled far and wide and experienced other cultures, like a former government agent and several ex-military personnel. But very few people know because few...

Fuzzy’s Tacos

hannah moran, reporter

December 2, 2011

Don’t worry, the tacos at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop aren’t actually fuzzy. Located at 1115 Massachusetts street, Fuzzy’s is a new addition to Lawrence’s dining scene. In order to get a good taste of the restaurant, we ordered the typical taco shop staples. We sampled the chips and salsa, queso,...

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