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School Redesign Part 1: Plan approved by staff, efforts begin

Jack Bellemere, Reporter

May 17, 2019

“We customize everything everything,” graphic design teacher Michelle Salmans said. “We customize our phones, our laptops [and] our clothing. Why can't we customize our education? Salmans is referring to the upcoming school redesign project, dubbed “Kansans Can School Redesign.” The projec...

Teachers value maternity/paternity leave

Teachers value maternity/paternity leave

Daulton Meadows, Reporter

May 15, 2019

Having a child is time consuming and expensive, which is why paid maternity is so crucial to new parents who teach. The Lawrence School District recognizes this and therefore offers paid maternity leave, something which many jobs do not provide to their employees. While taking a parental leave, some teachers...

Seniors Max Lillich and Spencer Yost-Wolf take debate State title

Photo by Isabel Janssen (Left: Spencer Yost-Wolf; Right: Max Lillich)

Jack Bellemere, Reporter

April 22, 2019

Seniors Spencer Yost-Wolf and Max Lillich are competing the finals round of the Kansas state debate championship at Garden City High School. It’s midnight on January 13, and they have been debating for more than 16 hours straight. Yost-Wolf and Lillich are affirmative—meaning they have to def...

Head choir director Hilary Morton announces resignation

Head choir director Hilary Morton announces resignation

Sabrina Castle, Editor-in-Chief

April 11, 2019

After being head director of the school’s choir program for 13 years, Hilary Morton has announced her resignation from the position after this school year. Living in Lawrence her entire life, Morton received a double major in musical education and vocal performance, as well as a masters in chora...

Student Council brings awareness to eating disorders within the school

Student Council brings awareness to eating disorders within the school

Brooke Burgess, Reporter

March 19, 2019

In an effort to raise awareness for eating disorders, Student Council gave out purple ribbons at lunch during the last week of February. They encouraged everyone to wear purple on Thursday, February 28 in support of those who struggle with self image. Handing out ribbons annually for the past two...

Students express religion through accessories

As an expression of her individual faith, Sara Pavlyak wears a rosary bracelet representing her Christian values.

Brooke Burgess, Reporter

February 18, 2019

Faith can be expressed through having or wearing something that represents a religion. For these three students, these items serve as a symbol of their values and a reminder of their beliefs. Kaitlyn Fisher Kaitlyn Fisher wears a ring with the bible verse "The Lord your God is with you wherever you go...

“9 to 5” Musical censored after parent complaints

Alex Decker, Reporter

January 22, 2019

Upon opening night of Thespian Club’s production of “9 to 5”, originally a movie featuring Dolly Parton as lead female role, parents expressed discomfort towards multiple scenes in the musical. Acknowledging the disapproving emails and phone calls received by principal Myron Graber, Thespian advisor ...

Trump’s MAGA rally supporting Kobach draws protesters

Filling the Expocentre, Trump supporters find their seats to catch a clear view of signs advertising

Sabrina Castle, Editor-in-Chief

December 6, 2018

After receiving a text message from Trump’s campaign advertising his “Make America Great Again” rally in Topeka, Kansas, people were able to make requests online for a free ticket to attend the event. The rally on October 6 attracted thousands who lined up in the cold rain for hours outside ...

Math teacher Alyssa Barratt receives district level Horizon Award

Standing with superintendent Anthony Lewis, principal Myron Graber, and Truity Bank representative Tim Mock, math teacher Alyssa Barratt recieves a check for two hundred and fifty dollars.

Corinne Scales, Reporter

November 15, 2018

Going above and beyond her fellow first year teachers, Alyssa Barratt was awarded the district Horizon Award for Secondary Teachers. Not all teachers have opportunity to receive this award—only teachers who display excellence throughout their first year of teaching. “Alyssa has showcased an incredible profe...

Technology takes over classrooms

Technology takes over classrooms

Ahmed Jakmouj, Reporter

October 28, 2018

As virtual learning becomes more popular, the Lawrence School District voted in 2017 to give students personal laptops which they can use for the duration of the school year.  By using certain tools like Google Classroom, teachers are able to upload assignments online so that they are accessible to s...

Teachers and District at Impasse

Teachers and District at Impasse

Sabrina Castle, Reporter

September 18, 2018

On August 23, a mass email titled “From The Table” was sent to over 950 teachers in the Lawrence school district. The message contained a summary of what had been decided at the August 9 negotiations session. The more teachers that opened the message, the more frustrated “reply alls” were sent back...

Tired of the Culture: Part 3

Sabrina Castle and Grace Porter

May 19, 2018

Students and staff take action to bring awareness to sexual violence within the school

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