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Dominic Scavuzzo

Standing at the podium, Dominique Scavuzzo talks about his views. He is a moderate conservative running as a rebublican.“We need cooperation and not moving left or right, but moving forward.” Scavuzzo said.

Sam Mohanty, Reporter

November 18, 2017

Dominic Scavuzzo is a moderate Conservative running as a Republican. “I believe that my message overall is creating better dynamic,” Scavuzzo said. “By creating a youthful point-of-view, I could attract both the old and young.” Scavuzzo believes that voters from all age groups will be...

Interview: Senior opening for rapper Ugly God

Mason works on his verses in the studio.

Jackson Barton, Editor in Chief

November 10, 2017

With a single email, senior Jackson "King Jamz" Mason was instantaneously elevated from the status of SoundCloud rapper to opening act. Mason, along with senior Paul Jesse and three other performers, will open for popular rapper "Ugly God" tonight at 8:00 p.m at the Granda Theater. Barton: What's you...

Community members protest Burger King after senior’s controversial firing

Sophomore Ashton Mcknight and fellow protestors block a car from entering the Burger King parking lot. The car eventually forced its way through, but left immediately afterwards.

Grace Porter, Reporter

November 8, 2017

Editor's’ Note: We have replaced the use of a racial slur in the following story. Having a job is not unusual to a lot of students, but few expect to work under a supervisor who casually uses racial slurs on social media. For senior Orandae Wilson, this was what being a black employee at the Bauer Fa...

Hurricanes affects students, families

Storm surges seep into an office complex in Houston. Over 6 days, the storm dumped 27 trillion gallons of rain over Texas and Louisiana.

Katy Coats and Jackson Barton

October 17, 2017

  “When my family in Texas went to go grocery shopping, it took them hours to get there and back,” senior Genevieve Gilbert-Cavender said. “All they could buy from the store were some grapes, one gallon of 2% milk and some bread. It was pretty depressing.” Gilbert-Cavender’s aunt...

New Theater Teacher Debuts

Theater teacher Ms. Waller is new to Free State this year. She led her class with enthusiasm.

DeeDee Zolman, Reporter

October 6, 2017

Ericka Waller, the new theater teacher, is now in her tenth year of teaching. Waller knew she wanted to teach after connecting with her theater teacher in high school. “He inspired me, so I went on to study theater,” Waller said. Before becoming a teacher, Waller worked professionally acros...

DACA: A Recap in Perspective in 280 Words or Less

A group of protesters gather outside the Trump Tower located in New York City in protest of the DACA decision. The protesters made signs of cardboard with slogans showing their disapproval with the President’s decision.

Chris Pendry, Editor in Chief

October 4, 2017

As President Donald Trump plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA, many young immigrants who have been here for a large majority of their life, but remain undocumented, fear deportation.

Ready, Set, GLOW!

Dancing to the Cha Cha Slide, students filled the gym for a thrilling bookend to Homecoming week.

Jori Rudisell, Reporter

October 3, 2017

Walking into the “Glow with the Flow” Homecoming dance was quite the scene. Neon shirts radiating, faces illuminated by fluorescent paint, and glow-in-the-dark sticks broken and splattered across the gym floor leaving a luminescent trail. StuCo members spent weeks in preparation for the memorable night.   “We tried to make a theme that everybody would...

Alumni attend Charlottesville vigil, show solidarity

A large crowd gathers in South Park for the Sunday night vigil. The vigil was hosted by The Resistance LFK.

Jackson Barton, Editor in Chief

August 16, 2017

Responding to the “Unite the Right” protests and resulting clashes in Charlottesville, VA, over the weekend, The Resistance LFK organized an evening vigil to express solidarity with victims of hate and violence. Several Free State alumni were among the crowd, including Gabbi Dabney who graduated...

Spanish teacher selected for Bobs Award by Lawrence Schools Foundation

Stuart Strecker receives the $10,000 check from Lawrence Schools Foundation board of director's president Scott Morgan. This year is the Bobs Award twentieth anniversary.

Maddy Johnson and Jackson Barton

May 16, 2017

Spanish teacher Stuart Strecker was announced as the recipient of the 2017 Bobs Award on the morning of May 17 in front of a crowded gymnasium. The award is given every year by the Lawrence Schools Foundation and includes a $10,000 check to the recipient. An anonymous group called “The Bobs” ...

Superintendent to transfer to chief operations officer

Superintendent Kyle Hayden announced that he would be resigning from the position in a district wide email on Friday. The resignation comes one year shorter than his contract.

Chris Pendry and Jackson Barton

May 12, 2017

Superintendent Kyle Hayden will transfer to become chief operations officer effective July 1 after one year as superintendent. “I feel fortunate to have been able to contribute to significant facility improvements for all the elementary schools,” Hayden said in a news release, “and to have played...

Great Green Help builds awareness of community

Shoveling mulch, junior Piper Rogers fills up wheel barrells to be carried to flower beds. Around 100 juniors volunteered for Great Green Help. “My favorite part was seeing all of the smiles and hard work that people put in despite the rain,” Rogers said.

Sam Mohanty, Reporter

May 12, 2017

Walking out of the school, junior Cameron Hodge expected to learn something new during the day. Hodge and 90 other juniors went out to nine different locations to extend a helping hand to the communities in Lawrence that need assistance with keeping their surroundings clean and green. Great Green...

Student’s discovery leads to location of second largest Native American city

Junior Adam Ziegler and anthropologist Donald Blakeslee are recognized in front of the Kansas House of Representatives. The site near Arkansas City was recently recognized by the state.

Jackson Barton, Editor in Chief

May 7, 2017

“I never thought I would make archeological discoveries,” junior Adam Ziegler said. “Especially not when I was 15.” What Ziegler uncovered in April 2015 was the first evidence of the location of Etzanoa; a lost Native American city. Ziegler worked with Donald Blakeslee, an archaeological anthropolo...

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