Bird’s Word: Do freshmen like LINK?


Klaire Sarver

freshman Hirsch Guha

“I like having them, especially (since) the seniors and juniors that we have for LINK leaders are pretty fun, too.” – freshman Darik Dudley

“I think they’re pretty lame because the activities that we have to do are not fun. They’re childish.” – freshman Ariel Wyatt

“I like it, I think it’s kind of unnecessary.(It would be more beneficial to have it once a year) to get the students more acclimated to the school, but I think that continuing it through the year doesn’t really add to the kids at all.” – freshman Hirsch Guha

“I think that going through the year was a good idea at first but maybe (because of) lack of interest, they don’t want to do it.” – junior Christina Craig

“I don’t think the freshmen like it now, but it (the meetings) will benefit them in the long run.” – junior Kirsten Baska

“I think that having meetings with the freshmen is important in helping them break the ice and get comfortable in a new environment and I think that they appreciate this at the beginning of the year, but as the year’s progressed, it’s become more evident that they find that our meetings are redundant and, for lack of a better word, boring. They don’t like missing late arrival for them either.” – junior Ernesto Hodison

“Yes, I do believe that they like LINK. At first, LINK is a great program to get all the freshmen started but I think that as we continue to have a meeting every Thursday, I think the majority of the freshman are getting kind of irritated.” – senior Colton Stallard

“I think that it’s really helpful for them because they get to know the school the first few days and get advice from students who have been through it before.” – senior Eliza Anderson

“I think it’s beneficial to freshmen because they can ask questions to LINK leaders and get the ins and outs of high school.” – sophomore Sayuz Thapa

“I don’t actually know any freshman in it, but that (the new LINK crew schedule) sounds like a good idea because I wish they’d done that when I was a freshman. When I was a freshman, they just did it the first day and that was it.” – sophomore Lila Alvarado

Junior LINK leader Christina Craig
Klaire Sarver
junior LINK leader Christina Craig