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Technology has been proven to affect students’ ability to learn by distracting or miseducating them. While some gain great benefits from technology, many use it to cheat and end up not learning anything.

FEATURE: Learning in the Screen Age

Lauren Jackson, Reporter April 10, 2024

Ever since cell phones have been commonly owned, teachers have faced the challenge of cell phones being a distraction to students inside the classroom and out. Teacher opinions differ on the major effects...

Digital Illustration by Kinsey Lake.

FEATURE: Compassion in Action

Meredith Shryock, Reporter April 1, 2024

For over 25 years, 100 Good Women has been supporting and building a strong community in Lawrence. Through the collective effort of its members, the non-profit has met the gap that other social services...

With a bigger location comes a bigger kitchen, and Executive Chef Ross Petrozz expresses excitement over bringing in new foods and focusing on Ramen Bowls original dishes.  I am most excited to work on the original menu, go back to our classics and bring in new food that is on par with it. I feel like the sky is the limit with this kitchen, Petrozz said.

FEATURE: Ramen Reboot

Ava Talbott, Reporter March 29, 2024

Ramen Bowls is a popular Lawrence restaurant, bringing in many people every week. They recently closed their doors on Mass St. and on Feb. 29 reopened its doors at a new location about twice as big.  This...

Digital Illustration by Luna Hu

OPINION: Lunch Crunch

Lilly Wall, News Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2024

Dragging through a seven-hour school day is taxing on the mind and body, students work through test taking, writing notes or participating in class discussions for hours on end. For most students, lunch...

Pie chart demonstrating Firebirds preferred caffeinated drinks. Design by Mylie Brillhart

FEATURE: Caffeine Consumption

Phoebe Morris, News Planning Team January 31, 2024

According to Verywell Health, 80% of people consume caffeine on a daily basis of which 73% are children. One energy drink typically contains 500 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to 14 cans of soda....

Freshman Isla Gnojek has been performing ballet since pre-school. They dance locally through the Lawrence Art Center.

OPINION: Pay to Play

Lilly Wall, News Editor-in-Chief November 30, 2023

$883. On average, a family spends $883 on their child’s youth sport every year, according to Aspen Institute. That’s roughly $73 a month, leveling out at around $20 a week. That’s enough to cover...

Photo collected from Sarah Podrasky.

FEATURE: Can We Comeback?

Nomso Enyinnaya, Reporter November 30, 2023

Founded during the 2000s, the African/African-American diversity group known as ‘Can We Talk’ [CWT] started its way into becoming a stepping stone for cultural awareness within the school but as members...

FEATURE: Hang12 Brings Art to the Community

FEATURE: Hang12 Brings Art to the Community

Maria Mosconi, Reporter November 28, 2023

This year, Hang12, a teen curatorial board, gave art accessibility and youth perspective to their art shows and other events. Throughout the year, the teens worked with emerging artists to put on shows...

Studying math, sophomore Willow Marable takes notes using her iPad and stylus. While Marable misses having a laptop, she still prefers taking notes online instead of on paper. “I would use my iPad to take notes, because it’s easier to organize and faster to edit than pen and paper, and it also has autocorrect,” Marable said.

FEATURE: After the Transition

Conrad Hill, Reporter November 14, 2023

After the announcement last semester, students, teachers and parents were initially very critical of the movements from laptops to iPads (Stella Mosier’s editorial could be linked here or mentioned)....

Senior Natalie Rileys ceramic chain mail project from last spring. Rileys current wearable chain mail vest takes inspiration from this piece.

FEATURE: Student Art Pieces Highlight

Isabella Bobey, Reporter October 30, 2023

Throughout the past quarter, students have been hard at work in their art classes. From ceramics with Jacob Lewis and Don Stevanov, photography with Sarah Podrasky, and drawing with Rachel Downs, many...

Students are faced with new policies and consequences related to being tardy or absent to class. These policies were put in place by the district in an attempt to reduce tardies and absences.

NEWS: Passing Period Rush

Evie Chancy October 26, 2023

With the administration's implementation of a new tardy plan, it's been necessary for students to adjust their habits in getting to school and from class-to-class.   The new tardy policy states that...

Choices of studying tools vary for different students. Some prefer online practice tests while others may opt to buy ACT practice books.

FEATURE: To Submit or Not to Submit?

Stella Mosier, News Copy Editor October 25, 2023

The fall semester brings upon many important things for high school seniors, one of which being college applications. For those who intend to pursue a higher education in the form of college, deciding...

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