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Boys BasketballTue, Jan 15 Blue Valley West51-36W
Blue Valley West51-36W
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 11 Olathe North-West41-39W
Olathe North-West41-39W
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 11 Olathe North-West62-69L
Olathe North-West62-69L
Boys BasketballWed, Jan 09 Olathe South59-58W
Olathe South59-58W
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 08 Olathe South40-45L
Olathe South40-45L
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 08 Olathe South59-58W
Olathe South59-58W
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 04 Olathe North40-64L
Olathe North40-64L
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 04 Olathe North51-55L
Olathe North51-55L
Boys BasketballTue, Dec 18 Gardner Edgerton58-40W
Gardner Edgerton58-40W
Boys BasketballTue, Dec 11 Shawnee Mission-West50-44W
Shawnee Mission-West50-44W
Girls BasketballTue, Dec 11 Shawnee Mission West35-46L
Shawnee Mission West35-46L
Girls BasketballThu, Dec 06 Blue Valley South41-47L
Blue Valley South41-47L
Boys BasketballSat, Dec 01 Blue Springs75-51W
Blue Springs75-51W
Girls BasketballThu, Nov 29 Blue Valley West51-30W
Blue Valley West51-30W
FootballFri, Nov 09 Manhattan High School19-41L
Manhattan High School19-41L
FootballFri, Nov 02 Haysville Campus51-27W
Haysville Campus51-27W
FootballFri, Oct 26 Wichita North61-18W
Wichita North61-18W
FootballFri, Oct 19 Lawrence High28-13W
Lawrence High28-13W
FootballFri, Oct 12 Shawnee Mission East36-30W
Shawnee Mission East36-30W
FootballFri, Oct 05 Olathe South54-13W
Olathe South54-13W
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