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SoftballTue, May 07 Shawnee Mission East11-1W
Shawnee Mission East11-1W
SoftballSat, May 04 Lansing7-0W
Girls SoccerFri, May 03 Lawrence High5-6L
Lawrence High5-6L
SoftballThu, May 02 Olathe North6-2W
Olathe North6-2W
Girls SoccerThu, May 02 Gardner-Edgerton3-0W
BaseballTue, Apr 30 Shawnee Mission South8-1W
Shawnee Mission South8-1W
SoftballFri, Apr 19 Blue Valley Northwest6-9L
Blue Valley Northwest6-9L
SoftballFri, Apr 19 Washburn Rural2-5L
Washburn Rural2-5L
Girls SoccerFri, Apr 19 Olathe East6-0W
Olathe East6-0W
BaseballThu, Apr 18 Jefferson City1-0W
Jefferson City1-0W
Girls SoccerTue, Apr 16 Shawnee Mission North6-0W
Shawnee Mission North6-0W
SoftballTue, Apr 16 Shawnee Mission West21-0W
Shawnee Mission West21-0W
BaseballMon, Apr 15 Olathe Northwest7-2W
Olathe Northwest7-2W
SoftballThu, Apr 11 Shawnee Mission North8-0W
Shawnee Mission North8-0W
Girls SoccerTue, Apr 09 Shawnee Mission South0-6L
Shawnee Mission South0-6L
SoftballTue, Apr 09 Shawnee Mission South17-0W
Shawnee Mission South17-0W
BaseballTue, Apr 09 Gardner-Edgerton5-2W
BaseballSat, Apr 06 Olathe South2-1W
Olathe South2-1W
Girls SoccerThu, Apr 04 Olathe Northwest0-6L
Olathe Northwest0-6L
SoftballThu, Apr 04 Shawnee Mission Northwest14-3W
Shawnee Mission Northwest14-3W
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