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Tired of the Culture: Part 3

Sabrina Castle and Grace Porter

May 19, 2018

Students and staff take action to bring awareness to sexual violence within the school

Tired of the Culture: Part 2

Sabrina Castle, Reporter

May 19, 2018

As sexual assault allegations are surfacing against prominent men in our society, rape culture has become a frequently discussed topic. Since the public's attention has become focused on the issue of sexual violence, students...

Tired of the Culture: Part 1

Sabrina Castle, Reporter

May 19, 2018

Anonymous  “I was with someone for a long time, for like a year. We broke up in September and that was kind of hard on me. I just felt really stuck, so I turned to drinking on the weekends and parties and getting high.” ...

Rick Ross and Miley Cyrus cause controversy in the music world

becca moran, reporter

October 29, 2013

Rapper Rocko’s song, U.O.E.N.O,  featuring Rick Ross and Future, stirred up a lot of controversy earlier this year. While the name may  initially be puzzling, say it fast, and you’ll realize it's an onomatopoeia for “you d...

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