Cute Couples


photo by: xdesx

hannah reussner, reporter

steven ozaki and sydney dorrance

How long have you been dating?

Sydney Dorrance: Nine months.

How did you ask her out?

Steven Ozaki: Well, she was living in Missouri at the time so the only was over a phone call.

SD: Except what he said was, ‘Well, you wanna go out?”

SO: And she said sure.

SD (laughing): It was really bad.

Where was your first date?

SO: See, that would have been at your house.

SD: I think we went to the movies…No, we went to a baseball game and then went out to dinner so that would’ve been in June.

Where do you hang out?
SD: My house

What do you like about each other?

SO: Nothing.

SD: Steven is really funny

SO: She can have her blonde moments but she will laugh at them in the end. She can laugh at herself and take a joke.

What’s your favorite memory together?
SD: That time we were going to go eat at my house but we realized we didn’t have anything, so we decided to go by Taco Bell, but we didn’t want to go back to my house so we went to that pond by my house and we sat by the rock, remember? I thought that one was really cute because it was simple.

SO: Probably this past weekend. I went to go meet all of her family in Omaha

How do you make each other smile?
SD: Steven talks in different voices and it’s really funny.

SO: Probably again her little blonde moments.

Where did you meet?

SD: It was gym class and it was when we were playing volleyball, and you picked me to be on your team and we started talking from there.

How do you make your relationship work?

SD: We’re really good about when we fight. We realize it’s not just one person who’s doing it all so we know we’re kind of both to blame, so we both try to work on it instead of just blaming.

SO: But it’s usually just her fault.

Do you have anything else to add about your relationship?

SD: I don’t recommend dating Steven. He’s a little difficult sometimes.


patrick liston and elizabeth bergee

How did you ask her out?

Patrick Liston: I just asked her out in person.

Elizabeth Bergee: Nervously. It was cute

How did you respond?

EB: I said yes and then gave him a hug.

Where was your first date?

EB: We had double dates for awhile and then I don’t know. We don’t go on formal dates–we just go out to dinner and stuff.

PL: Maybe a movie, I don’t know.

EB: We don’t go on dates, we just get food.

What do you like about each other?

PL: She’s pretty.

EB: He’s funny.

PL: She’s huggable.

EB: Oh, that’s cute.

What is your favorite memory together?

EB: I don’t know…We have, like, 50.

PL: I don’t know. Make up something. Skydiving together.

EB (laughing): I don’t know. I don’t have favorite memories.

What do you do to make each other laugh?

EB: I don’t know, we’re kind of goofy.

PL: Be goofy.

EB: We’re just goofy people.

PL: Be weird.

How did you meet?

PL: We met in 8th grade.

EB: He was sitting there clicking his pen. The first time I ever talked to him he was sitting there clicking, clicking and clicking and I was like, “Stop clicking your pen!”

How do you describe your relationship?

PL: Fun.

EB: We’re like best friends.

What did you do for Valentines day?

EB: Patrick got me a really cute Vera Bradley phone case and we went to dinner. He got me a little stuffed animal thing and a thing of chocolate and this scarf. I got him a headphone splitter. Practical gifts.