March Madness–Kimberly Messineo

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kimberly messineo, reporter

The regular season for college basketball is not officially over, but we have reached the month of March. That only means one thing: March Madness.

Joe Lunardi has been finalizing the bracket as Selection Sunday quickly approaches. Most teams have secured their spots in the tournament, and teams have also accepted their spot in the NIT tournament because of their poor seasons.

There is no clear vision of who will be in the championship game, or who will hold the trophy with streamers falling down around them. There is always the 5-12 bracket busters along with other upsets.

Current one-seed teams are Kansas, Gonzaga, Indiana, and Miami.

Gonzaga may have a record of 29-2, but their last 12 wins consist of teams such as San Diego, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine. They don’t have any big wins under their belts. I don’t think they will make it far in the tournament.

I would of course choose Kansas as the champion, being an avid KU fan. But my love for the team is not the only reason I see them going all the way. Last year was supposed to be a rebuilding year; look where we ended up.

This year we’ve got plenty of experience with four seniors on our starting squad. We also have freshman Ben McLemore, one of the top players in college basketball.

We should also watch Michigan and Duke, even though they’re not one-seeds.

Ryan Kelly, forward for Duke, went out with a foot injury earlier in the season, and was announced to be out indefinitely. This past weekend he returned with a highlight performance with 36 points, a new career high. With Kelly back, I am expecting Duke to make a deep run in the tournament this year.

Michigan is a team to watch because they have been in the Top 10 all year long. They have been undefeated on their home court and only have five losses. They have eight key wins against the RPI’s Top 50, such as Michigan State, Kansas State and Ohio State.

With that, Selection Sunday is March 17 and the tournament begins March 21st. Only time will tell who has the determination to play to the end.