Jake’s March Madness Blog


photo credit to squaresmadness.com

jake stegall, reporter

Man, what a season! The year is far from over but the regular season is over teams. There were a few great seasons… and a few pathetic ones. Most of them, however, were just somewhere in the middle.

Grambling State. Whew! Where to begin? The Tigers have struggled this year. Okay, lets face it, they’re horrible. Absolutely terrible. Possibly the worst Division 1 college basketball of all time. Their record stands at 0-28 (for those who thought they misread that, yes that is 28 losses and 0 wins). To make matters worse, they have never finished a game less than 10 points behind their opponent. If this appalling statistic doesn’t convince, get this, they average 50 points a game and lost by that much to 9-20 Auburn. Watching replays of their games is like witnessing two buses full of senior citizens crashing into each other. Too dreadful to look away.

Now that I’ve narrowed out one team, the real question is what are the one seeds going to be? I can merely guess because Selection Sunday isn’t till March 17 but I think I have a pretty good idea.

The Midwest side is a clear victory for Indiana. Whether or not Indiana has any real substance I am not fully convinced. They’re a solid team, but nothing really pops on their team. I have more faith in a team like Oklahoma State to make the final four.

The West is gonna be a tough one, but I think Gonzaga will snag it. Thanks to their superior record, they will sit at a 1 seed till they get knocked off in the Sweet Sixteen. Of the fact that Gonzaga will lose early, I have no doubt. Blowing out 27 unranked teams and boasting a 1 seed doesn’t earn a final four.

The South number 1 seed will be Duke. This is a championship caliber team but they won’t even make the title game. Duke has never been clutch (since Mike Krzykewski) and never will be. Period.

The winner of the East will go to the red and blue, KU. Despite Kansas’ infamous 3 game losing streak, the Jayhawks have won 8 in a row including a crushing victory over 9 Kansas State, a thrilling double overtime win at 13 Oklahoma State, and a close counter at Iowa State. With only one game left, Baylor, who has lost 5 of their last 6 games,  Kansas looks strong going into the Big 12 Tournament.