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kimberly messineo, reporter

The college basketball regular season is coming to an end with most teams having just one game left to play. Joe Lunardi put out his latest bracket yesterday, and there were changes like there are with every other bracket.

One of those changes was Miami losing their one-seed rank because of a loss to Duke, a team looking to make a comeback. Georgetown took Miami’s place as the fourth one-seed, a team who is 23-4.

Michigan, one of the teams to watch, has moved from a three-seed to a two-seed with their win over Michigan State on Sunday and they have two more games in their regular season to potentially move up into a one-seed rank.

Last night another one-seed, Indiana, lost their game to Ohio State. It will be interesting to see if that loss affects their one-seed rank. Indiana still has to play Michigan in their regular season, I’m looking forward to that game.

Kentucky, a team who was on the cusp of getting into the tournament, is now on the First Four Out. They were not able to continue last year’s tournament success into this year’s season.

That should be good news to a lot of Kansas fans since Kentucky was the team who beat Kansas in the championship game last year.

Teams that are on the bubble for the Last Four In are Iowa State, Temple, Villanova and Tennessee. Iowa State could potentially seal their spot in the tournament if they can get victories over Oklahoma State tonight and West Virginia on Saturday.

One-seed teams are not set in stone, nothing is until Selection Sunday, but I predict that Kansas and Georgetown will keep their ranks. The other two regions are subject to change in my opinion.

I think Duke could potentially become a one-seed team, but their last game is against North Carolina. In a rivalry game like that, the team who will win is always up in the air.

With Indiana’s loss to Ohio State, I question if that will hurt them enough to lose their one-seed. They also still have to play Michigan, one of the teams that’s making their name known in the college basketball world. If that is the consequence of their losses, I could see Louisville taking the throne of the one-seed in that region.

The days are winding down and Selection Sunday is less than two weeks away.