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Lawrence Guide 11/22

Springfield, MO's Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin

Sam Boatright, Reporter

November 10, 2011

Anthony Bourdain @ Midland Dec. 16 “Food, for me, has always been an adventure.” Chef, travel-show host and culinary expert Anthony Bourdain stops by Midland Theater in Kansas City on Dec. 16 to deliver stories of his delicious culinary encounters from worldwide travels as well as tell-all t...

FSHS Principal West Reveals His Weight Loss Secrets

FSHS Principal West Reveals His Weight Loss Secrets

sarah rohrschneider, reporter

November 10, 2011

Especially with Thanksgiving around the corner, weight loss may be the last thing students are thinking about. But for Free State principal Ed West, eating right and exercising have been his main focuses since this past summer. “When you’re 5-foot-6 and [have] no hope of growing taller, grow...

Local Vs. Corporate

Local Vs. Corporate

emma machell, social media editor

October 7, 2011

ICE CREAM Sylas and Maddy's: You will have been there if you’ve ever been downtown. Sylas and Maddy’s is one of the defining stores of Downtown Lawrence. If you have ever walked past Sylas and Maddy’s and not gone inside to try out any of their 150 different ice cream flavors or any of their f...

From Eutin, Germany to Lawrence, Kansas

Exchange students from Eutin, Germany

hannah moran and sarah rohrschneider, Reporters

October 6, 2011

“Your school here is like a second home,” Mattis Mock said. “To us, school is more like a nasty thing we have to do and we are very happy when it’s over.” About four thousand seven hundred and five miles separate sister cities Lawrence, Kansas and Eutin, Germany. While the language, food and customs are different in the...

Firebird Productions: Students use film skills to give back to community

Natalie Hiebert, Reporter

October 3, 2011

You probably have heard or seen some of the work of Firebird Productions, the student run film production class. But many students don’t know that the studio does work outside of the annual homecoming video. Throughout the school year, Firebird Productions works on many individual film projects which...



ryan loecker, co editor in chief

September 30, 2011

Chances are, if you had pizza or Alfredo for lunch on Sept. 27, it was made with love by yours truly. Aside from a couple burns on my hands, the day went rather smoothly considering the fact that I rarely ever cook. Starting at 8 a.m., Kathy Hanna and the rest of the cafeteria workers got me start...

The young ones #3- a sophomore’s survival guide to being on the bottom

sarah whipple, reporter

September 18, 2011

School is in full swing as teachers begin to assign projects and hand out tests. The weather acclimates into a cool breeze. And the football team settles their plays and starts to have more chemistry as a team. This can only mean one thing: Homecoming looms around the corner and some young ones...

The Healthy Option

amani safadi, managing editor

September 7, 2011

 Healthier options fill up the birds nest. Last year, Lawrence schools weren’t allowed to sell students carbonated beverages or those with high sugar content, but this year the district is tightening up the rules even more. “The rules are that any snack we sell has to be 200 calories or less, n...

Managing Stress 101

hannah moran, reporter

September 7, 2011

Junior Grace Oliver knows stress. “My head starts to swim, my heart beats faster and I break into a cold sweat,” she said. Between a frenzy of AP classes, after school jobs, clubs and the all-important college applications, the stress level of the average high school stud...

The Decemberists

The Decemberists

emma machell, social media editor

September 7, 2011

At the risk of sounding like a complete hipster, you’ve probably never heard of The Decemberists. They don’t have the pop sound of Britney Spears or the alternative sound of Vampire Weekend. In fact, The Decemberists sound mostly folksy. I’m usually not a very folksy person. Every weekend my...

Rumors & Renovations

hannah moran and kyle freese, Reporters

August 29, 2011

Getting a simple slice of pizza has never been so challenging. Despite modifications made to the cafeteria, enormous lunch lines greeted hungry students on their first day of school. Some students spent as long as ten minutes of their precious lunch period waiting in line. Even outside the cafeteria, ho...

LINKed in for the new year

emma machell, social media editor

August 26, 2011

In past years, the sophomores would be greeted by a welcoming committee of specially chosen juniors and seniors in a group called LINK. The new students would be taken to their seminar teacher’s classroom and would participate in a number of activities that would help them make new friends and overcome...

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