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A sign telling people to join journalism

EDITORIAL: Join the Jerds

Allison Mayhew, News Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2024

Filling out the journalism application and then shakily answering interview questions led me to a new community I had no idea existed within the school.  The environment is different from any other...

Illustration by Geneva Sabatini.

EDITORIAL: Age Cutoff for Political Office

Evie Chancy, Phoebe Morris, and Maria Mosconi March 29, 2024

When the new generation of voters make their way to the polls and step into the voting box, the few names printed onto their ballot will all be over half a century older than them.  Despite the average...

Illustration by Sarah Masterson

EDITORIAL: Lacking Sex Ed Program

Ember Klein, News Managing Editor March 4, 2024

In a poll by @FSJournalism on Instagram, 92% of students believe that the sexual education program at school is insufficient. This statistic is shockingly high due to the importance of comprehensive sex...

Sitting in the corner of classrooms, some staff say their recycling bins go untouched by groundsmen.

EDITORIAL: Recycling System Reboot

Lilly Wall, News Editor-in-Chief January 24, 2024

In the corner of each classroom sits a blue bin, full of recyclables, waiting to be picked up. Some staff say their bins are left untouched, while others say groundsmen come to pick them up. The overall...

EDITORIAL: Grammy Nominations Lack Diversity

EDITORIAL: Grammy Nominations Lack Diversity

Phoebe Morris, Reporter January 24, 2024

With over 25 fields of music covered and 84 awards presented at the 2024 Grammys, the same demographic of artists continue to get nominated. Since the Grammy’s establishment back in 1959, only 11 Black...

Shelby Millers graphic design 1 class works on their design principles. Senior Sarah Masterson has been in the graphic design program for two years and said that being absent for instruction affects her ability to complete assignments. It is hard for me to make the work when I am not there, so I end up putting it off, Masterson said.

EDITORIAL: Absenteeism Attack

Allison Mayhew and Lilly Wall October 30, 2023

Statistically, 39% of all high schoolers are chronically absent, and 49% of seniors face chronic absenteeism every year. According to Unified Insights, any student with less than 90% attendance is defined...

EDITORIAL: 92,000 Fans Show up for Nebraska Womens Volleyball

EDITORIAL: 92,000 Fans Show up for Nebraska Women’s Volleyball

Nick Sprecker, Sports Editor September 27, 2023

A sea of red packed Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska on Wed, Aug. 30 to watch the #1 ranked Nebraska Women’s volleyball team take on The University of Nebraska Omaha. With five national championships...

The Lawrence Journal World has been sharing stories in Lawrence, Kansas, since 1858. In a report, the Deputy District Attorney, Josh Seiden, made unfounded statements about The Journal Worlds content. 

EDITORIAL: Kansas Fights First Amendment Right Violations

Allison Mayhew and Lilly Wall September 20, 2023

As student journalists, we strive to amplify voices and tell unbiased pivotal stories in our community. This mission, containing journalistic integrity, could be applied to any news publication across...

Many brands put an eye-catching color or design onto their products, such as bags, to make people stop and look at the cheap things to buy. They make each product trendy so it can catch on to other people feeling influenced to buy from them.

EDITORIAL: Consumerism’s Contributions

Allison Mayhew, Editor-in-Chief May 17, 2023

Gallons of water, miles of transportation, hours of labor and a variety of materials exhausted to manufacture one simple product– just to repeat the process all over again, creating an endless loop....

A student holds a board stating 0 days since a mass shooting. According to the Gun Violence Archive, as of April 19, the number of mass shootings in America exceeded 140 for the year of 2023.

EDITORIAL: Mass Shootings, Massive Failures

Natasha Torkzaban April 28, 2023

Firearm deaths occur five times more than drownings. Instead of teaching your child how to swim, you might consider firearm defense training and school shooter drills.  According to CNN, there have...

Student poses with a transgender flag during a student-organized walkout. Students from across the district walked out from class on March 28 to voice their opinions on the introduction of anti-trans bills in Kansas. ““[Trans] rights should be like anybody else’s rights: being protected, and being valued, because they are human rights, obviously,” event organizer junior Adriana Cazares said.

EDITORIAL: Talk around Trans Bills

Lilly Wall March 31, 2023

For many students, school sports are a central source of stability and a safe space to feel valued among peers. On April 5, Kansas legislature voted to override Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of House Bill...

Senior Evan White edits news spread on Adobe InDesign while looking at newspaper planning website.

EDITORIAL: iPads: An Equity Issue

Allison Mayhew, Editor-in-Chief February 19, 2023

Although the recent decision by the USD 497 school board to switch from MacBooks to iPads is estimated to save $4 million in capital outlay funds and $600,000-$750,000 in general fund repair costs over...

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