A sign telling people to join journalism
A sign telling people to join journalism
Mallory Thompson

EDITORIAL: Join the Jerds

Editor-in-Chief reflects on the value of joining journalism

Filling out the journalism application and then shakily answering interview questions led me to a new community I had no idea existed within the school. 

The environment is different from any other school program. Your leaders and teachers are students, your coworkers are students and your audience is made up of students. Journalism connects you to your peers in a way no other program can. 

This creates a space, unlike the rest of the school, where your main goal is to pique student interest and share their stories. Most importantly, the work you are doing is more than likely something you or one of your peers care about. 

It is essential to have a purpose and a sense of community during high school. During my time on staff, I have been given the space to grow relationships with people I would have never otherwise spoken to. 

We are bonded by the shared experiences of the inevitable learning curve, getting the hang of the work, gaining confidence and, my favorite part, the feeling of publishing content that you care about. 

Journalism is a place where you have creative control to be a visionary, taking an idea and turning it into an award-winning design or story. With these successes and opportunities, you will, over time, develop the skills necessary to become a leader. 

In doing so, my schedule allowed me to spend three and a half hours in the journalism room every day this year. What I learned is that Room 203 has a place for everyone; whether you’re into the arts, writing, sports or social media, you can bring something new and valuable to the table. 

Creativity breeds in the room, and you are provided with the skill sets needed for your ideas to come to life. Not only are you given the technology to create content, but you are also given a group of 60+ like-minded staff members who are ready to share their ideas and tips. 

60+ voices contribute and share the love of covering what is going on around the school and in the community. Being on staff is the best way to connect with the student body as a whole. 

Not only can you highlight the student body, but you also have space to share your voice. By creating content that you care about, you have the power to tell any story that you feel is important. 

I’ve gained countless growth opportunities from this program: confidence, communication, community, creativity, competition and what might appeal to many students: a more cohesive college application. 

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Allison Mayhew
Allison Mayhew, News Editor-in-Chief
Allison Mayhew is a senior and is an Editor-in-Chief of the Newsmag and Online website. Outside of journalism, she participates in NHS and KU Environmental Studies. Outside of school, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and cats.
Mallory Thompson
Mallory Thompson, News Photo Editor
Mallory Thompson is a junior at Free State. This is her second year on staff and she is Photo Editor for the Free Press Newspaper and Online. Outside of journalism, Mallory is involved in LINK Crew, National Honor Society, and the Student Library Advisory Board.
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