Do It For the Vine


Infographic: Online Design Editor Elise Gard

Chris Pendry and Elise Gard

The time is January, 2017. Vine has just been cancelled.

A social media platform rivaling that of Tumblr and Twitter in popularity, Vine’s cancellation left millions with nothing but memories.

Months later, Twitter users created threads of their favorite Vines while YouTube users created compilations of theirs. Reaching great popularity on both platforms, nostalgia for Vine led many to reference the famed six-second videos in real life.

A resurgence of Vine had been born.

Like van Gogh, Viners received fame and recognition after their careers had died. But like Twinkies, Vine’s return could bring it even more popularity.

Image: Dom Hofmann

On December 6th, 2017, creator Dom Hofmann announced V2, careful not to use the term “Vine” as the app is still owned by Twitter. V2 is set for an unannounced 2018 release date.


175 students voted on their favorite Vines, compiled in a Vine thread that can be found here.