KU Beats K-State at Sunflower Showdown

University of Kansas faces off against Kansas State University in Sunflower Showdown

Greyson Heiman and Nick Sprecker

Archived photo by (Isabelle Prô)
Archived photo by Isabelle Prô)

Last night, No. 8 Kansas University [KU] came out on top over No. 7 Kansas State University [K-State] in a 90-78 victory. With the help of another massive 20 point performance from junior Jalen Wilson, and a career high 18 point performance from junior Dajuan Harris Jr, the Jayhawks were able to even the season series against K-State having lost to them in early January. 


This was a crucial game for KU to build back momentum after three consecutive losses to KSU, Texas Christian University [TCU], and Baylor University in the past weeks. 


For KU and K-State fans at Free State, this rivalry is massive and among one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Prideful K-State fan junior Blake Warner explained that the KU vs. K-State rivalry has a special ability to bring people together.


“It brings out everybody because when you’re in Lawrence Kansas, you are either a K State fan, or a KU fan — there’s no in between,” Warner said. “They sell it out, they go out to eat, they have watch parties, everyone just sort of comes together to watch it.”


The environment at a rivalry game in Allen Fieldhouse is electric. Longtime KU basketball fan senior Michael Lickert explained that the atmosphere around a K-State and KU game is far different than any other game. 


“Any little made shot, like a layup, just makes the crowd go wild — normally you just get a few claps here and there,” Lickert said. “K-State definitely makes it different and it really brings Allen Fieldhouse into the proper light in which it should be seen.”