FEATURE: Students Prepare for Summer Job

Pool Partners Looking Forward to Get Back to Summer Job


Wyatt Dodds

Senior Ben Williams and Keith Popiel are going to be working in the pool cleaning business once again this summer. After Popiel joined his family’s pool cleaning business he invited Williams along the way.

Emi Stone

When nice weather comes out and pools open up, seniors Keith Popiel and Ben Williams come in. For the past four years, Popiel has been working for a family pool business and invited Williams along the way. 

The job is a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. that runs from early April to late May, making about $7,000 over the summer. 

“It’s a good seasonal job, and it pays a lot,” Popiel said. “It’s nice just not having to work in the school year.”

Although it’s a good seasonal job according to the duo, they also agree that there can be frustrations. Williams said that even when doing the job right, factors still can go wrong depending on the pool.

“When you are doing everything you’re supposed to do for the pool you can balance it perfectly chemically with the equipment, but it’s just green for some reason. That’s the most annoying,” Williams said. 

At the beginning of their day, the pair checks in with their boss and gets their equipment. Afterwards, they get their list of houses and work on all the houses and some commercials pools until about 5 p.m. Popiel added that no matter how long their day is, the duo still has fun. 

“We have a nice time looking at houses that are incredibly nice,” Popiel said. 

Because of the harsh conditions, this job is not easy. Though according to Popiel and Williams, it’s the perfect summer job with lots of money. Popiel expressed the differences of working a hands-on job in the sun, rather than working inside behind a register.

Stepping into this job, it has been the first work experience for both Popiel and Williams. As Popiel started working during freshman year, he said he has gained experience through the larger responsibilities put on him with the job. 

“It really does have a lot more responsibilities than other jobs. Obviously we’re going into these more expensive houses and backyards of these families and they’re letting us go in their backyard trusting them with serious pool equipment and chemicals,” Popiel said.

With this experience, Popiel and Williams grew closer together all while fixing pools. Even with the struggles, they still could find entertainment through working. 

“I basically just drive around for eight hours cleaning pools listening to music with Ben. So that’s pretty easy. You just kind of sit, talk, listen to music, “ Popiel said.