FEATURE: Student Council Trip to Disney

Student Council visited Disney World and attends leadership conferences


Photo submitted by Evan White. Seniors Alyx Wood, Evan White, Londyn Miller and Mingda Zhang pose with cast member Goofy.

Maria Mosconi

A few weeks ago, members of Student Council [StuCo] took a trip to the happiest place on earth: Disney World. At Disney World, Disney staff and cast members challenged StuCo members with activities to help them bond, identify core values and help lead our school.

“The ‘cast members’ really focused on how to help our student leaders understand and use their own strengths,” StuCo sponsor Sara Wells said.

Disney staff focused on teaching StuCo how to make decisions based on their core values. These core values were emphasized to help the students make the right decisions.

They emphasize …how acting in accordance with [core values] is helpful to make sure you’re on the right track and you’re focused on meeting your goals and expectations,” junior Blake Warner said.

Additionally, the students were taught about different methods of leadership, as well as using their different leadership traits to represent all aspects of the student body.

 “It was really helpful for us to consider different styles of leadership and … recognizing that we all have different opinions … and then just coming together and making it cohesive,” senior Micheal Bido said.

At Disney, the staff emphasized making sure everyone is represented. With a diverse student body, Stuco believes it is important to represent everyone’s opinions and beliefs.

A big part of it was how everybody has something to bring to the table and everyone’s voices matter,” Bido said.

Learning wasn’t the only thing that took place at Disney World. Students bonded over rides and challenges.

 “My favorite thing to watch was the bonding that took place,” Wells said.

The trip created a unique relationship between all members that will bring the Disney atmosphere to the school.

“It [the trip] creates long lasting memories, friendships, and bonds that you wouldn’t get otherwise,” Warner said.

After coming back from Disney, Warner felt that StuCo was able and ready to make the school a better place.

“We’re no Disney but we can definitely try to make Free State the happiest place,” Warner said.