FEATURE: Celebrating the Super Bowl

Friends and families gather for Super Bowl game featuring Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles


Fans gather and celebrate at Johnny’s North.

Greyson Heiman

On Sunday, Feb. 12, The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII. Leading up to the game, students felt the buzz build around the game. With the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles, students and staff experienced the tension between the two fan bases. 

The Super Bowl is a significant event in American culture because of its ability to unite people. Long time Chiefs fan Nate Campbell explained why he feels that the game is important.

“It gives an opportunity for friends and family to get together,” Campbell said. “It’s an opportunity to share a fun experience and to celebrate a team.”

Former Division 1 football player and teacher Trey Georgie explained how the Super Bowl is able to unite people regardless if they are actually interested in the game.

“People who don’t care about the game might care about the commercials,” Georgie said. “Same with the halftime show, people that might not care about the game or the commercials still can watch the halftime show.”

Similar to other large sporting events like the World Cup, the Super Bowl has the special ability to bring people together.

“Most times – geographically you’ll have people that will agree on one thing, which is their team,” sophomore Sean Ruddy said. “It brings people together by either rooting for a team or just hanging out and enjoying the game.”

The Super Bowl connects people by giving them a chance to come together over a game, by rooting for a team, and sometimes even against a team. It allows for people once a year to gather around, share food and take in one of the greatest American sporting events.