FEATURE: Carlos’s Cuts


Tommy Taylor

The school has many ways for students to pursue artistic expression, from ceramics to the Phoenix Collection, but there are students who express themselves outside of the classroom through different mediums. 

Senior Carlos Mendoza is a self taught barber who has launched a business of cutting people’s hair. He began cutting the hair of his friends and family, and now has opened his skill to everyone.

“I really started, officially, looking at this as a career around October last year,” Mendoza said. “I used to cut before that but not professionally. I’d just cut just to cut; before then, I never really thought of it as something I could do for a living.”

The atmosphere is different from a traditional barber: Mendoza takes more time to ensure a better haircut.

“It feels better to have a friend cut your hair instead of going to a place,” junior Utah Hester said. “It’s relaxed. It’s calmer. Carlos has more time just to make it look good.”

Carlos is not only a skilled barber, but also an inventive one. If his clients want him to, he will incorporate new styles and freestyle designs. 

“My curls are very important to me, so it’s important to keep the curls there,” senior Stephan Sabillon said. “But I also get tapers and fades from Carlos. The most recent haircut he did was a drop fade, and that was something he only did once prior to getting me cut.”

Students also utilize Mendoza’s skills for their regular haircuts, or even larger events.

“Every time he tries to do something new, so I’m going before prom,” Sabillion said. 

Bookings for Mendoza go through his business account: @carloscutsfr on Instagram, which also hosts pictures of his work. Many students trust Mendoza to deliver a quality haircut, and urge anyone to give the up-and-coming barber a try.  

“He’s super relaxed about it and he’ll try his best to get you exactly what you want,” Sabillon said. “You can if you feel comfortable telling him what you want. And I think that’s important when looking for a barber.”