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Leah Matthews

At the assembly on October 19th, Alexander Clae talks to the crowd. He describes himself as a libertarian and is running on the democratic ticket. “Economically I am a libertarian, socially I would describe myself as a liberal and i do believe in the realpolitik of my world it is efficient and more effective to have a manic position,” Clae said.

Jack Bergersen and Alexander Clae

Jack Bergerson is a liberal Democrat and points out his policies about his health care system and minimum wage.

“I’m sure a lot of Democrats agree, but no one ever talks about it,” Bergerson said.

While Bergerson himself is a liberal Democrat, his running mate Alexander Clae is economically a Libertarian.

Clae struggled to simplify and explain his political views.

“There is a hegelian symphysis and I would have an antithesis.” Clae said. ”If I would not agree with that policy, I would add a synthesis.”

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