Hostess Club Serves Up Good Time

Lesly Paniagua, Josh Cobb, Rebecca Hubbard, and Delaine Cook are members of Hostess Club

Lesly Paniagua, Josh Cobb, Rebecca Hubbard, and Delaine Cook are members of Hostess Club

maria carrasco, reporter

Sharing melted ice cream with one spoon and drinking straight out of a two liter bottle of pop, members of Hostess Club engage in a loud discussion of anime.
For co-president and founder junior Rebecca Hubbard, Hostess Club is anything but normal.

Hubbard wanted to start a new club. Her idea for this club originated from a manga book called Ouran High School Host Club.
Hubbard’s goal is to show people how to be polite and be good hosts or hostesses.

She met with her friend, sophomore Delaine Cook, and they started getting really involved with the book and brainstormed ideas for Free State. Cook and Hubbard wanted to start the club last year, but it never started because of conflicting schedules.

This year, they had the ambition to start the club with the help of teacher Lynne Renick.

Hostess club is something different to each of its members.

“I’m not sure how you could describe Hostess Club exactly; it’s mainly just a thing we made up so we could all get together and hang out after school,” Cook said.

Hubbard strives to teach students manners and etiquette.

“I just want to show people how to be a good host/hostess and show people how to have polite manners,” Hubbard said.

It is a new club, so members are scarce. Current members include Cook, Hubbard, Josh Cobb, and Lesly Paniagua.

The club loves new members and visitors.

“What it is is that we want to treat our guests with respect,” Paniagua said, “and kind of like royalty. We are servants and we’ll do whatever they want for their comfort.”
They want to pamper their guests to demonstrate hostess ideals.

They plan to gain followers by having bake sales, parties and demos–like how to cut a wedding cake–to raise awareness. Their first bake sale will be Wednesday, October 31.

During one meeting, they discussed party details, and even discussed hosting a school-wide fashion show. All of the members are dedicated to bringing new revenue.

Along with those plans, the Hostess club plans to join with the Anime Club to have a school-wide talent show.
Hostess club is up and running and plans on making a huge difference to this school.

As Delaine Cook said, “Hostess Club isn’t a club for everyone, it’s for CRAZY people!”