News Brief: District advises families after potential local Coronavirus case reported

On Tuesday, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment announced a potential case of the Coronavirus at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. After recently visiting Wuhan, China the patient showed respiratory symptoms and was admitted to an isolation room designed for infection prevention. 

The same day, Communications Director Julie Boyle sent an email to district students and parents outlining information the district has received.

“This case is unconfirmed, and we have no information about this patient being associated with anyone in the Lawrence Public Schools,” Boyle said. 

She also included a newsletter from Superintendent Anthony Lewis containing “healthy habits” to prevent further infection within the community.

According to the Kansas City Star, China has confirmed 100 deaths from the illness so far, along with 17 other countries reporting cases of the disease. In the U.S., five cases have been confirmed in Washington State, Illinois, Arizona and California.

Amidst the panic within the community, Health Director for Kansas City Dr. Rex Archer explained in an interview the fear of the virus is currently more powerful than the virus itself.

[Chinese officials are] working diligently and monitoring all of the folks that meet the criteria,” Archer said. “People need to take a deep breath.”