6 Feet Apart Under the Stars

StuCo plans to hold prom this year

Nisa Khosh, Reporter

Prom is one of those memorable, once in a lifetime moments that seniors experience in high school. Due to COVID-19, prom was canceled last year. Student Council recently released news that this year, prom would indeed happen. 

However, this is not a normal year and this is not a normal prom. StuCo has put together a strict set of guidelines to assure students say safe.

Prom will be held outside from 7:30-9:30p.m., and only Free State seniors may attend. Students will attend in groups of 8-12, called “pods”. Attendees will remain in their assigned area for the duration of the event, and separate pods will be 6 feet apart. Masks are required. Chaperones and security will ensure that these rules are followed.

StuCo advisor Katy Hayden ensured that fun elements of prom would remain.

“The idea of pods is that it is already a friend group that is part of your daily life,” Hayden said. “Dancing within the pods will be allowed.”

StuCo presented these guidelines to district and county leadership, including Dr. Lewis, the Superintendent’s Student Advisory board and Executive Leadership team, the Douglas County infectious disease doctor and the head of the Health Department. 

Based on ticket sales, around half of the senior class plans to attend. 

Senior Addeline Garcia is one of the seniors who appreciates StuCo’s efforts to make prom happen. 

“This year has been totally chaotic and out of the norm, so it’s really nice to get this little thing to round out my senior year,” Garcia said.

The theme of this year’s prom is ‘under the stars’ and the event will be held on May 1st, at the Free State west side parking lot.