Junior Soledad Edison wins 2022 Princeton Prize

Nisa Khosh

Winner of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations, junior Soledad Edison has taken their activism to the next level. The mission of the award is “to identify and recognize high school-age students who significantly engage and challenge their schools or communities to advance racial equity…”

Edison first found inspiration in their older sister when looking for a role model. Edison’s sister played a significant factor in their activism as both a mentor and a friend.

“When I was in elementary school, she was doing a lot of stuff along the same lines that I’m doing,” Edison said. “She was involved in the Black Lives Matter movement here in Lawrence when I was in middle school.”

Being one of the founders of the school’s Equity Council, Edison has taken the role of Council Chair. Starting with only six members, the council has expanded to more than 20 members. 

Throughout the year, each member of the council has been an advocate for various school regions. All members play an essential role in representation by discussing topics such as changing course curriculums and education about gender identity.

“We’ve been trying to facilitate conversation in a way that will be beneficial to the school,” Edison said. 

Their ultimate goal is to study how educational bias and unconscious bias affect students of color. Currently, Edison aims to encourage representation, conversation, and discussion.

“I want Equity Council to last for the duration of this high school,” Edison said. “I want things to get delved into, and I want things to grow and develop and to see progress.”

In addition to receiving a $1,000 prize with their award, Edison will participate in the 2022 Princeton Prize Symposium on Race with other regional winners in April.