Kansas Wins NCAA Title


Ember Klein

After 14 years, the University of Kansas [KU] made a comeback and reclaimed the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Title. On April 4, KU won in an incredible comeback against North Carolina, in New Orleans. 

Leading up to the big win, fans like sophomore Rowan Banker and senior Ben Shryock were ‘a little nervous.’ 

“At halftime, we heard one of the announcers for the game say that in order for KU to win, they would have to make the biggest comeback in NCAA championship history,” Shryock said.

With ten minutes left in the second half, KU went on a 31-10 scoring run. In the biggest recovery in NCAA basketball title game history, KU came back from a 15 point deficit. This wasn’t the only record KU broke that night. Not only did they rebound from the biggest deficit, they also broke the record for the biggest halftime point difference in the NCAA championship. 

The high tensions made the win even sweeter. After the game, people flooded Massachusetts  Street to celebrate and unite as a town. 

“We went downtown, just to be in that big mass of people and to just soak in that atmosphere that makes Kansas basketball, and probably Lawrence, so special,” Shryock said.

Hopes are high for next year’s team to keep up the winning streak.