NEWS BRIEF: StuCo Sponsor Under Investigation

Brooke Burgess and Olivia Nagel

Story Update 5/20/22
Building administration has verified the investigation is over and sponsor Alyssa Barratt will return to work.

News spread on Tuesday morning that Student Council sponsor Alyssa Barratt made a racially derogatory comment about Asian people during the 2B StuCo class. A parent and student filed a complaint with the district which has led to an investigation.

StuCo members present when the comment was made said the topic arose when students were asked about their food allergies in preparation for an upcoming party. Barratt recognized her own error and apologized for the comment before the end of the class period. 

USD 497 policy states “any incident of discrimination, including acts of harassment, shall be promptly reported for investigation and corrective action by the principal or district compliance coordinator.” 

While Principal Myron Graber has said that he cannot comment specifically on personnel issues, in instances where a complaint is filed, an investigation follows. 

The extent of consequence will be a result of evidence gathered in the investigation, also according to Graber.