NEWS: New Year, New Advisor: Wells Fills StuCo Role

Sara Wells, P.E. teacher, takes the role of student council advisor.


Maura Langland

This year physical education teacher, Sara Wells, is stepping into the position of Student Council [StuCo] advisor after last year’s advisor stepped down. Over the summer Wells volunteered for the position to fill the role. 

“They were looking for a new sponsor, and I was very interested in it,” Wells said. “It’s a really awesome group of kids and I knew that it would be a lot of fun.” 

Student Council is made up of 6 to 7 representatives from each grade, they plan and run student activities throughout the year. Wells is head advisor and Debby Ziegler acts as the assistant advisor. Advisors handle the financial and administrative side of activities while students run everything else. 

Wells is taking a  different approach to StuCo and is making the class more student-led than in previous years. 

“Students run for these positions,” Wells said. “And so I’ve wanted it to be an opportunity for them to really embrace those positions.” 

Members of Stuco have been able to make more decisions about how dances and activities are run, and how class works in general. 

“This year our sponsors just kind of like someone who’s there to guide us and give us the green light,” junior Sophie Racy said. 

StuCo aims to increase student participation from last year by asking students what they want to see at school events.

 “We’re really trying to gear all the activities towards what students want and we’ve been asking a lot of kids just around the school, what activities they would participate in,” sophomore Elle Cormaney said. 

The biggest obstacle that the program faces this year is the increasing price of events and activities. Getting the student body involved in fundraising for the program is an important goal for Wells. 

“Being able to run those really awesome programs or really awesome events, with the amount of money that we have to be able to spend on those is the trickiest part,” Wells said.