Co-Editor in Chief discusses the new changes in senior year and beyond


Sam Goodwin

Trenna Soderling is this year’s Editor in chief of the Free Press. She is looking forward to her senior year.

The students of Free State are no strangers to change. This year has seen an overhaul of many standards kids were used to, like a portion of the policies, the administration, the schedule and even the entrance into the school. While many students have complained about the lack of consistency, I think a positive outlook can be spun from the mess.

Free State teaches us a variety of lessons, and adaptability is just one of those. Maybe, someday in the future, you can use your highly developed coping abilities in your professional life as you learn the ropes of a new job. Maybe the craziness of the past few years will someday come in handy in your personal life as well.

For the Class of 2016, I see a much more immediate use. Our experimental upbringing through our educational lives can prepare us as most of us continue on to some sort of post-secondary education.

Through the next year, we’ll plan an entirely new portion of our lives. We’ll apply to schools, decide which college we’ll go to, plan our funding, and then watch as minute details shift our plan into some unworkable jumble.

While it may seem daunting, I think Free State’s ever-shifting environment has prepared us well. Best of luck to you as you change your mind, plans and lives in the next eight months, seniors. To everyone else; embrace the changes life has thrown your way.