Bird’s Word: Students discuss spring break plans


Klaire Sarver

Sophomore Hannah Malloy traveled to a ranch during spring break.

As students prepared for spring break, we asked several students about their plans. Here are the responses we gathered:

Sophomore Hannah Malloy: “I am going to a ranch to go horseback riding, four-wheeling and fishing.”

Junior Rebekah Andersson: “For the first part of spring break I am babysitting and just working to get money for a car, but for the second half, I’m going to Indianapolis to play volleyball, since we have a national qualifier there for the last weekend of Spring Break. So if we do well, we’ll get in the nationals in the summer.”

Junior Rebekah Andersson
Klaire Sarver
Junior Rebekah Andersson

Junior Mika Schrader: “The Latin and French classes have arranged a trip to Rome and Paris. I’m super pumped.”

Sophomore Morgan McReynolds: “I’m going to Cancun with my family.”

Sophomore Alain Marquez: “I’m going to go to Rome for a mission trip. I’m going to go see the pope. I’m going to try to find my true calling, spend some time there, make memories happen.”

Senior Isaac Leibold: “On Sunday, I’m going to get on a plane to Rome. The Latin and French classes offer a trip to Paris and Rome every two years.”