Athletic advisory committee formed; students represent athletic programs

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Athletic director Mike Hill sits at his desk, looking over files for new athletic facilities, students in need of guidance and the usual jumble of school administrator necessities.

One of Hill’s main focuses is improving school programs. In an effort to enhance athletics, he started the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. The committee focuses on bringing a higher student influence into the school’s athletic programs.

“The notion is to have a group of student athletes who can represent their teammates and communicate with the administration through me,” Hill said.

Hill wants to make changes that will enhance students’ athletic experience, and he hopes to do so by getting athletes involved in athletic department decisions.

“There might be ideas that the kids have that would enhance what we’re doing, and I think it’s worth looking at that,” Hill said.

Senior Randall Schmidt is a representative for the boys’ varsity soccer team and already has some ideas to throw around at upcoming monthly meetings.

“The grass field that the JV and C-team practice (on), that’s just something to improve,” Schmidt said.

Hill decided to create the Advisory Committee after witnessing its success at the college level. Senior Karen Campbell, a representative for girls’ golf team, thinks it will benefit the athletic programs.

“I think what this program hopes to accomplish is not to put more attention on sports, but to put the same attention that we have on the big sports on some of the smaller sports as well,” Campbell said.

The first meeting on Oct. 15  pulled all members together to lay out the organization’s purpose and consider how to move forward with the program.

“We were assembled to talk about issues within budgetary needs and team spirit,” Campbell said.

Along with Campbell and Schmidt, sophomore Madison Piper, representing girls’ basketball, was also chosen to be on the Advisory Committee.

“Coaches pick representatives from each sport, and they go and meet with Mr. (Mike) Hill to talk about whatever they want to address athletics-wise,” Piper said.

Although the committee is still in its beginning stages, athletes and Hill are hopeful about what they will be able to accomplish with its creation.

“We feel like we’re in a pretty good position now to maybe shift the gears in terms of our vision and what we’re trying to accomplish, and (the Student Athletic Advisory Committee) would be a component of that,” Hill said.

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