Baseball and softball players prepare for their season

The Fall Ball program, run by coaches Matt McClassland, Justin Protacio, Steve Patton and Jake Powell, provides softball and baseball players a chance to show their moves before the spring season starts. With practice twice a week and games on the weekends, the boys are given plenty of opportunity to improve on the skills they’re a little rusty on.

Sophomore Kyle Abrahamson appreciates the extra pitching and outfield practice he’s been able to get.

“[I want to improve in the] outfield,” Abrahamson said. “Last year was the first year playing outfield and I’ve gotten better.”

There is always room for improvement among the team and many look forward showing off their skills during the spring season.

“All my friends played and we were given the opportunity to sign up and the end of our summer season,” junior Matt Hill said. “It gives me repetitions against pitchers that I wouldn’t get if i didn’t play.”

For softball, the team is made up of girls from all over the Lawrence area. Almost the exact same system as baseball, the girls prepare for the upcoming spring season.

“You play at a competitive level so when you get to high school you’re already prepared. We play seniors so you’re already used to playing varsity level,” sophomore Samantha Powell said.

The players have high hopes for when the school team comes around.