FEATURE: World Cup Winter 2022

Students and staff prepare for the FIFA World Cup


Isabelle Prô

Junior Greyson Heiman, watches a world cup game during class. On Tuesday Nov. 29, the United States played Iran during school.

Greyson Heiman

Due to the overwhelming heat in Qatar this summer, this year the Federation of International Football Association [FIFA] World Cup will is taking place in Nov. and Dec. opposed to June when the competition is usually held.

This year, soccer fans all around the world are experiencing a World Cup during the winter for the first time ever. While this prospect is exciting to some fans at Free State, others are upset that it’s during the school year, which will make it more difficult to watch games.

“I like to be able to go to ‘watch parties’ in the sun and celebrate outside with friends,” senior Holly Covington said. “It will be different [this year].” 

Covington explained how she felt disappointed that the World Cup will be in the winter versus the summer because it wouldn’t have the same feel as past years. While some students are disappointed about the timing of this year’s world cup, others are excited.

“I kind of like it, it’s different in a good way,” junior Drew Rosenthal said. “I think the timing will be right.” 

Rosenthal expressed his excitement to watch games over Thanksgiving Break with friends and family. 

Despite the abnormalities of this year’s World Cup, geography teacher and soccer fan Nathan Mangold is taking full advantage of the timing by creating a World Cup unit.

“Any global event like this is a good indicator of student awareness and connectivity to what’s going on,” Mangold said. “It’s a great, easy, entertaining way to bring more students into conversations about global matters.” 

Even though this year might not be ideal for some soccer fans, it’s almost certain that fans all throughout the school and the world will tune in to watch the best teams compete at the highest level.

“Sports have always been something that unites people,” Mangold said. “There’s something beautiful about coming together around a game.”