MLB: Season Opener

Students and teachers express excitement for MLB opening day


Wyatt Dodds

The Kansas City Royals paying their respect on MLB Opening day, March, 30. 2023 in remembrance of a local officer who lost his life.

Elizabeth Hare

The Major League Baseball [MLB] season is an exciting time for many students, staff and people in the community, not only for the fact that the Royals play right here in Kansas City, but also for the fact that it acts as a unifying experience for fans and characterizes the summer.

“You bring up America’s pastime, you bring up baseball,” said junior Blake Warner. 

After knocking out the Dodgers in the playoffs last year, many fans are looking at the Padres this year as they have picked up players like Manny Machado, Juan Soto and Fernando Matice. The Phillies, Dodgers and the Mets are a few of the other teams that are shaping up to be successful this season. 

“[The season] is going to be about the rookies that are coming up and what they can do for their teams,” Carillo said. “It could be anyone’s game. Probably not the Royals though.” 

Opening day in the Major League can also have benefits for the high school season, as it gives baseball a sense of renewal, and students can be reminded of what the highest level of play looks like. 

“Lawrence has a good baseball culture. Kids participated in it leading into the high school age when the Royals made it relevant,” baseball coach John Nolan Deitrich said. “We saw participation and try out numbers increase greatly.” 

Baseball being a major sport at Free State creates a large following and excitement for the upcoming season among students and staff. The community is excited and ready for baseball season to ramp up.