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Ten ways to complete New Years resolutions

sarah whipple, design editor

January 31, 2014

We’ve all seen the magazines, the motivational posters on Pinterest and the emails from various gyms, claiming that with the new year can come a new person. It seems that everyone these days wants to lose ten pounds, exercise mor...

photo by: kristina foster

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December 16, 2013

My Week in the Wilderness

sarah whipple, design editor

August 23, 2013

Six months ago, I received a small forest of college mail, all advertising how the Princeton Review ranks their college as a top liberal arts school or how their 200-plus clubs make them have a diverse student body. Now, this is...

How to Survive High School 101

emma machell

May 26, 2011

Every student has been there; new school, new teachers, new everything.  Life at high school would have been so much better if there had just been a guide to help, a Virgil to teenage Dante if you get my drift. The staff of the...

Katherine Corliss: Senior Column

Katherine Corliss

May 26, 2011

Next year I will be attending Baylor University with zero of my current classmates (although Mitch Todd is going there too, if any of you guys remember him). I’ll be in the land of Chick Fil-a cowboy hats and “y’all”. I could...

Sr Thanks Those Who Matter

Maggie Hull, Managing Editor

June 21, 2009

Free Press Seniors Bid High School a Fond Farewell If you are looking for something funny and entertaining to read, just stop now. I am no Nash Riggins–in fact, I am far from it. So rather than think of a creative or w...

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