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Nathan Friedman

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How to Survive High School 101

Every student has been there; new school, new teachers, new everything.  Life at high school would have been so much better if there had just been a guide to help, a Virgil to teenage Dante if you get my drift. The staff of the Free Press has come together to create a high school survival guide to help those still struggling or those who might just need a laugh to brighten up their day.


Allison H: Don’t push yourself too hard. Advanced classes in high school truly are advanced. Unless you want to spend all your time studying and doing homework, only take advanced classes for subjects you are interested in. Also, get involved in school activities and sports.

Katie: Make sure you’re in control of your own schedule. If you don’t have a chance to start on your endless hours of homework until 10 p.m. because of club meetings and team practices, then you’re probably going to be pretty stressed out. Leave yourself some breathing room. Don’t sign up for 15 clubs at the club fair. It’s great to be involved, but knowing your limits will allow you to enjoy the high school experience even more.

Austin: You come to school to listen but getting involved in school is the best way to meet many friends. Don’t let your preconceptions about people dictate who you interact with at school.

Zach: If you’re not gonna go to class, fake sick, get excused by your parents, just do anything to avoid a truancy mark on your record.

Emma: Don’t be afraid to make new friends. Just because you don’t know anyone in your Spanish class or your Chemistry class doesn’t mean you should blend into the wall. I met my best friends in classes I didn’t know anyone in. Which also means, let yourself out of your comfort zone. Join a few clubs, meet new people. You may end up making friends that last a lifetime.

Miranda: Get involved; take classes that will challenge you and that you are passionate about. If you like math and science, take harder math and science classes. Pursue what you want to, not what your junior high friends are doing. I made my closest friends who are very similar in interests because I did this. Even if you don’t think you will make friends, or be very good at something, do it anyway. StuCo, clubs, and electives are all different ways to meet new people and leave an impact in high school. High school is a crazy ride so jump in and enjoy it.

Trevor: Avoid skipping classes and getting ISS; it becomes a habit.

Amani: Stay positive and don’t be scared walking into the school. There are a lot of stories about how the upperclassmen will be mean and how they will be tough, but that’s not necessarily true. People always make the situation seem bigger than it really is, and the majority of the juniors and seniors will welcome the freshman and sophomores. Just be yourself and you will have a good high school experience.

Allison M: Have fun while you still can.  You’re not getting any younger.

Kim: Don’t take yourself too seriously, be nice to everyone, and find your group of friends.

Ryan: At Free State, there is a group of people for almost every interest one could have. It would be smarter to find friends based on your genuine interests rather than other nonsense such as popularity.

Jacob: Don’t be loud, try to go unnoticed, and get on the seniors’ good side. If you successfully do this, you will have nothing happen to you on senior week, just like me.

Megan: Don’t psyche yourself out, and keep an open mind.

Katherine: Say “hi” to everyone you possibly can. I seriously don’t understand why people avoid eye contact in the hallways. And get to know peoples’ names; that way when you say hi to them, you can say, “Hi (name).” This will make more people like you, you won’t sit at graduation and feel bad about all the people you don’t know, and you might even brighten someone’s day.

Chris: Starting high school is gonna be your last chance to make a good first impression until you graduate. Don’t be shy and timid, act strong, make the first moves, talk to people before they talk to you, but don’t over do it. There’s nothing more annoying than a showoff who won’t be quiet. Learn to be charismatic but modest.

Bailey: Have the most fun that you possibly can.

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