The student-run news site of Lawrence Free State High School

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The student-run news site of Lawrence Free State High School

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The student-run news site of Lawrence Free State High School

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A Lawrence Police Department vehicle parked near the scene of the incident. Students were alarmed by the sudden presence of emergency services during their lunch period.

Student injured after dangerous jump into nearby pond

Darby Gilliland and Mariah Houston May 19, 2016

The sirens from nearby police cars, ambulances and fire trucks startled the students and faculty on May 9, 2016. A sophomore had dove head-first into the shallow pond on private property near Free State....

Possible Repurposing of Black Box

Possible Repurposing of Black Box

Jackson Barton, Online Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2016

During a faculty meeting on April 7, the administration announced plans to repurpose the Black Box into a flexible space during school hours. Currently, the Black Box serves as theater classroom and English...

FYI club compensates for lost grant

Libby Stanford, Online Editor March 8, 2016

FYI club was informed this fall that they would not receive the grant that funded Meg Lyles, the club’s sponsor position. The club is known for spreading awareness and getting involved in the community....

Kansas Supreme Court threatens to close schools

Reagan Sullivan, Reporter March 3, 2016

This February the Kansas Supreme Court threatened to close down public schools if lawmakers do not change the way they fund them. According to the Huffington Post, the budget is $54 million dollars short...

New principal, Myron Graber, talks to editor, Trenna Soderling, about Free State. I love this school, it is a very unique environment, I really enjoy being here, Graber said.

New principal opens up on history, plans for the future

Trenna Soderling, Co-Editor in Chief October 12, 2015

Some principals might welcome students back to school with a stuffy speech or a boring PowerPoint. This year, new principal Myron Graber began the school year by showing the freshmen his best self(ie). “[Graber...

Opening her classroom cabinet, French teacher Karen Gipson, checks her Kleenex supply. Gipson has never rewarded her students with extra credit for turning in tissues.

New school-wide policy prevents students from earning extra credit

Evan Frook, Reporter September 21, 2015

Senior Brett Carey did a double-take when he read the extra credit policy in the student planner. Carey is a good student in multiple AP classes, and he gets A’s in them. That’s not to say he doesn’t...

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