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Savannah Reeb

catherine prestoy, reporter

May 14, 2013

When clicking on the the Twitter profile “@getmeabible”, a picture of Savannah Reeb pops up with an overlapping word background that says “I Want More of Jesus”. Scrolling down, there is an abundance of tweets scattered wi...

Diverse Religions Coexist

Diverse Religions Coexist

September 13, 2012

Eating Alternatives

emma machell

September 24, 2010

During lunch, while most kids have the tough decision choosing between the chicken nuggets and the pepperoni pizza some kids can skip right to the pb&j sandwich and salad bar. But not every student can afford that luxury. Maybe they...

Same Club But a Different Name

amani safadi

September 21, 2010

Can We Talk means more to its members than clubs usually do. It provides a venue for students to de-stress and discuss important issues. For many students this club might not sound familiar because last year this club was known...

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