Savannah Reeb

catherine prestoy, reporter

When clicking on the the Twitter profile “@getmeabible”, a picture of Savannah Reeb pops up with an overlapping word background that says “I Want More of Jesus”. Scrolling down, there is an abundance of tweets scattered with quotes from the Bible and Bible verses relating to whatever inspired Reeb that day.

Reeb is a sophomore at Free State, but more importantly, an active member of the Catholic Church. Reeb jump started her faith with “Young Life”, a program for Christian teenagers to grow in their faith. Reeb started the program in the sixth grade and since then, has been more involved with the church.

“I’ve grown up always knowing about God but I never really got in depth about it,” Reeb said. “[My belief] started with Young Life then I realized that high school [is when] you find yourself and when you try to find your way. So I turned my attention to God and I found that He is the only way.”

Attending a public school with many different religions and opinions, Reeb occasionally struggles with her faith. However, she renews her it every time she attends church.

“I try and go weekly [to church] but when I go there I feel like I’m on top of the world, I feel my strongest, I feel my best, I feel confident, I feel the most loved. It’s the best feeling that I’ve ever had,” Reeb said. “ I think I get that feeling mostly because of the Holy Spirit inside of me working. I also think that I feel that way because the people around me that also feel the same way.”

Reeb focuses her religious tweets on her followers that read them. She tries to help their situations with quotes from the Bible or religious statements.

“When I have a prayer session or when I’m at church and something really powerful has come over me or I’ve learned something great, I try and share that with as many people as I can,” Reeb said. “I’ll see something or I’ll hear something that’s really relative to what my followers are thinking and what they’re going through. I’ll find something like that so it’s easy for them to relate.”

Despite receiving some negative comments on Twitter and an uncommon cynical connotation face-to-face, Reeb uses the negative energy to fuel her devotion.

“Going to a public school and [being Catholic] is kind of hard. There’s a lot of negative connotations that people think of when they [find out I’m Catholic] like, ‘Oh you’re Catholic. You’re a Jesus freak.’ But at the same time it’s empowering knowing that it’s the way I choose to worship,” Reeb said. ” I still question my faith [but] in the Bible it says that to bless those who persecute you.When that happens it’s just a kick start again for me to continue my religion and my faith.”

Despite her openness and firmness in the belief of her religion, one of the main reasons Reeb preaches Christianity is for the benefit of other people.

“It says in the Bible that Jesus is the truth, the life and the way,” Reeb said. “I strongly believe in that and I don’t want to save just myself, I want to save as many people as I can . . . I’m just trying to get the word out there.”