Sam Skwarlo

Doing sports in high school is not uncommon among the student body; doing four, however, is. Freshman Sam Skwarlo competes in football, wrestling, track, and baseball throughout the course of the year.

Skwarlo believes that football is the most team oriented sport of the four.

“… You work all summer for it with your team,” he said, “you get to know each other a lot better.”

While he feels that football has the best teamwork, he claims that wrestling helps him get better as an athlete overall.

“I’d say wrestling really helps with all of [the sports],” he said, “because you have to be aggressive, a little mean, and a little fast, a little strong, and it all goes together. And the footwork and stuff [helps too].”

In track Skwarlo is a mid-distance runner. He says that there is teamwork in track to wrack up points, but it is mainly individual because you are competing to beat everyone.

During the track season Skwarlo also has to compete in baseball, causing him to make a decision next year.

“I have to decide between track and baseball next year,” he said. “I can’t do both, because they’re in the same season … I’m kind of torn in between.”

In all of the sports he does Skwarlo puts in a large amount of effort.

“It just takes hard work,” he said. “And you have to want to do it … If you’re gonna do sports, you might as well be the best at them. That’s what I think.”

Skwarlo’s ultimate goal is to play a sport at the collegiate level.

“My dream’s really to play football in college,” he said, “but whatever sport I’m best at, that’s what I will want to do. Any sport, though, in college.”