StuCo Ends Homecoming Week with Groovy Dance

The disco themed homecoming dance came on Saturday after a week that included a Voll-He-Ball, Powder Puff, Fire Fest, the parade, and coronation.

Lilly Wall

Bringing Homecoming week to a groovy end, Student Council [StuCo] hosted a disco themed Homecoming dance Saturday, Sept. 10. 

After an eventful week of powderpuff, Voll-He-Ball, the  Homecoming parade, the Homecoming football game, and FireFest, the dance was a perfect way to end the busy week. 

With this year’s homecoming dance being disco themed, students were seen in outfits that highlighted styles of the 70s. Students were dressed in sparkly dresses, funky glasses, and flared pants. 

For freshman Gabi Coozennoy, it was the matter of finding a vibrant outfit that strongly fit the theme. She excitedly bought a burnt orange dress for the night.

“It was good, I would go to one again,” Coozennoy said. 

Prior to the dance, StuCo arrived a few hours early to get things set up. They ordered fun decorations for the gym such as infrared balloons, colorful string lights, and fun streamers. StuCo also hired this year’s DJ, class of 2021 alumnus Jack Keathley-Helms, to provide music for the dance. Keathley-Helms played a mix of 70s music, high school dance classics, and modern rap.

The dance itself lasted from 8-10pm. Many underclassmen found that the event was a great opportunity to see friends and get to know classmates.

“[My favorite part was] getting to talk to my friends that I don’t have classes with, being able to socialize, and to meet new people,” Coozennoy said.

On the other hand, junior class representative Abby Chappell noticed there were far less upperclassmen compared to the underclassmen. Chappell believes it may be due to the fact that Free State’s homecoming dance is traditionally less formal.  

“It kind of gives the vibes of a middle school dance so it doesn’t appeal to some upperclassmen,” Chappell said. 

However, by the end of the night, junior representative Shelby Roberts was pleased with the way the dance turned out.

“Once we’ve seen all the participation, we see everyone’s so happy, and we get great attendance, it’s just rewarding to sit back and look at it like ‘that went so well,’” Roberts said.