SPORTS: KU Legend Sherron Collins Takes Over FS Basketball

In his first season as head coach, Collins will tap into his professional basketball experience.

Maura Langland

Former NBA player and Kansas University [KU] alumnus Sherron Collins is taking on the position of boy’s head basketball coach this year. 

Collins played for KU from 2006-2010, before going on to play for several NBA D-league teams for eight years. Playing for KU in college was an amazing experience for Collins and he was named an All-American in addition to being on the 2008 national championship team. 

 “I feel like it’s the best venue out there, loudest gym I ever played in, and I think there’s the best atmosphere out there,” Collins said.

Collins wanted a coach who had more experience when he was in high school, so after playing professionally he knew he wanted to coach. 

 “When I was coming up we didn’t have a lot of guys who played college or play professionally come back and help us,” Collins said. “So I always wanted to be that guy to be back and give.” 

This basketball season will feature a new coaching team for the first time in seven years. Assistant Coach Jamar Reese is already anticipating changes to the program. 

“You know, everything’s changing right now,” Reese said .“With the fan mail, the media, the interviews, the prestige that’s been brought to our program. I think a lot more people are going to show up. ”  

There has already been a lot of attention on the team even before the season starts because of Collin’s experience on the court. The players are also looking forward to a former professional coaching. 

“He has a lot of experience in basketball so he can teach us a lot that our coach last year really couldn’t, “ senior Jailen Thompson said. 

Players expect Collins to bring a new approach by letting them have more freedom on the court during practices and games. 

 “He’s just gonna kind of let us play freely how we want to,” Thompson said.

Collins was hired this June by a committee of administrators, including Free State’s new athletic director Jered Shaw. Shaw mentioned many reasons Collins was hired other than his experience with the sport.

“More than anything, what’s attractive about Sherron is his ability to reach kids, help kids , build solid young men, “ Jered Shaw said. 

Collins is working to build a system of support for his athletes on and off the court, and reaching out to help with grades and attendance. 

“It’s more than just about basketball, it’s about how they can be successful all throughout school,” Shaw said.