News Brief: Futures Planning Committee Proposes Budget Cuts

The USD 497 Futures Planning Committee hosts a public input meeting, discussing proposed budget cuts.


In an attempt to bridge the budget gap of $9.6 million, the USD 497 Futures Planning Committee (FPC) is deciding on a series of proposed cuts.

The main objectives are to achieve competitive wages for staff, allocate funds for annual cost increases, and increase district cash balances.

The committee hosted a public input meeting Jan. 17 at Free State High School, where they discussed the following topics:

–  Cutting an elective at each school,
–  Implementing four day school weeks
–  Switching current Macbooks with Ipads
–  Closing three schools (two elementary schools, one middle school)
–  Increasing class size ratios (middle schools to 28:1, high schools to 30:1)
–  Reduction of classified staff

Parents and families expressed concerns regarding the proposed cuts at the meeting.

The second input meeting occurred Jan. 18 at Lawrence High School at 6 p.m., where the community will continue to weigh in their opinions on the potential cuts that will be made in the following month.

More information coming soon.